Tuesday, October 07, 2008

More fuel tax thanks to Labour

and the Greens, and NZ First, and United Future and Jim Anderton.

2c a litre next year, rising to 9.5c a litre by 2011. Yes, you needed that didn't you?

7c of it is to electrify the Auckland passenger rail network, which shows you how much of a great saving that will be, because fares can't recover that cost.
1c is for further upgrades to Auckland's rail network.
1c to help build the Penlink highway in Rodney District
0.5c to upgrade ferry terminals and a new ticketing system

Well it IS a Labour government.

National opposed it, but big surprise what did John Key say in response? *baaaahh meeeeee toooo* Getting used to National opposing policies it just never changes when it is in government? Getting used to wondering what the hell the point is in voting National yet?

The NZ Herald reported he "acknowledged a fuel tax as a "legitimate way" of raising money for electrification, but was concerned at the speed with which it would go up to 9.5c"

Meanwhile, according to the NZ Herald the rail worshipping Greens are unhappy that a small part of the new Auckland regional fuel tax, which largely comes from motorists is to be spent on - a road!! Yes, outrageous really - motorists paying for a road, when they should be happy to be paying for transport modes they don't use, and which aren't even within 10kms of them (rail). Given motorists on the North Shore will pay this new fuel tax and wont get a railway, maybe the Greens might ask why they should be paying this tax at all?

The Greens think the proposed Penlink road/bridge, to link Whangaparaoa Peninsula with the Northern Motorway, is inconsistent with the Auckland Regional Land Transport Strategy - a document that before Labour was barely relevant to transport planning (fortunately). It calls the Penlink project "pork-barrelling of the worst kind". Not that the Greens believe in special subsidies for projects no - I mean the Wellington trolley buses for example...

Unbelievable. So pillaging the pockets of road users, car users, taxi companies, bus and truck companies to pay the costs of building an electric rail network isn't pork- no, because those who use it wont be paying for it, but those who don't use it will.

Now the Penlink project was once meant to be a toll road, but its costs have blown well out and it is no longer viable - which tells you that it shouldn't be getting built at all as not enough revenue can be gained from tolls to pay for it - but for the Greens to feel blasphemed against because a new petrol tax may have less than 15% of its revenue spent on a road, tells you how disconnected from user pays they are.

Just think if car usage dropped 20% there wouldn't be enough money to waste on subsidising railways hmmm.

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