13 February 2007

Who owns YOUR life?

The book launched by Lindsay Perigo is timely, given the case of Kelly Taylor of Bristol in the UK. This case saddens and enrages me. Quite simply, how fucking DARE anyone of you tell this woman that she should endure what she must go through, when she is sane and certain that she wants her own suffering to end. The so called compassion showed by those opposing this is completely empty, and frankly NO ONE has the right to say she should not end her life voluntarily.
You see, Kelly Taylor has the heart and lung condition Eisenmenger's syndrome, and the spinal condition Klippel-Feil syndrome. She is in constant pain because doctors have been unable to find a combination of drugs suitable given her allergies. Her condition is terminal and degenerative, she wants to die with a high dose of morphine. Let her. Her life is NOT yours, you do not experience her suffering, and should not prolong it by interfering.
She has already tried to starve herself to death, but was in some much pain she stopped.
She has said:
“I have made the decision because enough is enough. I don’t want to suffer any more ...My consultant has told me that he does not expect me to live for another year. In that time I will deteriorate and that deterioration will become quite undignified. I want to avoid that.”
"I don't want to be looked after any more. I want to assert my own independence....I don't really understand why I'm here. I go from day to day just making it through the day. I don't want to be here."
She is too frail to fly easily and wants to die at home, so refuses to attempt to travel to a more enlightened jurisdiction like Switzerland. "I am in constant pain, suffer from breathlessness and have bed sores. I do not want to have to leave the UK in order to die".
Hear hear.
Try defending it, try worming your way out of allowing this sane adult woman to end her own suffering, try defending why YOU know best for her, and if you think you do - try arguing why I can't know best for you about any aspect of your life? After all, if you can't decide when and how to end your own life -do you really own your life and your body? If not, who does and why are they better equipped to know what is best for you? Who knows best for them?
Don't mention God - religion isn't compulsory - let your ghost worshipping determine your own life, not anyone elses.


Rebel Radius said...

I attended the Peaceful Pill book launch and was witness to Lindsay Perigo's superb speech.

Here is a quote from his speech

"The arrogant presumption, on which the politicians and priests proceed, is that they own your life. That is the root of the problem with politicians and priests and all the other do good’ers, who presume to tell you, what you may or may not do with your own body, with your own lives. They own it, or their god owns it or their church owns it, or your neighbour owns you, the government owns you.

Anybody except you, owns your life.

That is the fundamental presumption that which we must challenge at root."

Anonymous said...

If she wants to die that badly there are ways to kill yourself. If she wanted to die so badly she would have already done it.

And I just had to roll my eyes at the ghost worshiping part of course.