14 May 2010

Nuclear fusion achieved?

Well so says the Korean Central News Agency

So I can't wait for that country's willing idiots in NZ to cheer this on, since it already cheered on the DPRK nuclear weapons programme.

The same agency of course says US troops commit 60% of the crimes in South Korea.

It also claims the US is the worst offender of human rights in the world in that:

"In this society one can live only by way of racketeering and through fraud and swindle. Without these practices one cannot but be pushed to the fringes of society where one can not keep body and soul together, denied even the elementary rights to eat, get clad and have a shelter....Drug abuses getting more rife in the U.S. with each passing day are producing an increasing number of mental and physical cripples."

So methinks that scientists need not be planning a trip to Pyongyang soon to discover fusion.


Jeremy Harris said...

Oh dear...

I've seen some interesting experiments (in the States I think), using giant magnets to keep the plasma floating for the nano-second they can achieve fusion... Very cool...

Anonymous said...

Still refusing to slag off China, best friend of North Korea? Come on Liberty, at least show us a little consistency on this one. Ian

Libertyscott said...

Jeremy: Yes would be marvellous when it can be achieved.

Ian: Be a good lad and search China on this blog, you'll be amazed about what you'll find if you stop engaging in childlike defamation.

Or how about



However, you can't pretend China and North Korea have that much in common these days.