05 May 2010

So what about the UK libertarians?

I'm going to be generous. The UK Libertarian Party is young, having been founded on 1 January 2008. It has two candidates in this general election, and two endorsed independent candidates (and two local candidates as there are some local elections as well). So it is only a small start.

However, although I criticised it for being very timid a short while ago (ACT is radical by comparison), it is a start on a path towards selling freedom, unambiguously, to the British public. Whether it is the right one is another point.

An alternative to a party is a lobby group/think tank, like the Libertarian Alliance. Sean Gabb has written recently on why the Conservatives are a waste of effort, but that he will be voting for the Conservatives holding his nose at the same time.

However, the outcome of the election is far from certain. Psephologists can be fascinated by the possibilities, but for you just try the BBC election seat calculator. See if you can put Labour in third of the popular vote but with the highest number of seats!


Jim said...

So then, Scott,

I have been looking through the manifestos for the six represented parties in my constituency and all I can see is bigger government.

Is it worth even voting, d'you think?

P.S. Here's an article on Libertarians... http://www.fff.org/freedom/fd0407b.asp

Libertyscott said...

Jim, if you are in a safe seat then feel free to write "John Galt" and know you've at least made one scrutineer ask "who is John Galt"?

Otherwise, check out the candidates for the parties you find least offensive (e.g. UKIP, Conservative), and if you think, on balance, the person has the right instincts, then give that person a tick. Better the Conservatives fill with free marketeers than not. However, if they are that bad, then follow your conscience.