07 May 2010

UK election live: Rochdale stays Labour

Gordon Brown's gaffe in Rochdale with Mrs "what about the Eastern Europeans" Duffy hasn't cost him. It remains, barely, a Labour seat. Although disturbingly it would appear the Labour vote lost went to the fascist National Front, with the Liberal Democrat vote collapsing into the Conservatives.

Rochdale held because the Liberal Democrats misfired, I suspect because of the policy of granting illegal migrants amnesty doesn't play well in seats where the National Front can attract 1 in 20 votes.


galvogalvo said...

Just stumbled across your site when looking for results from my old home town.

My understanding of the result in Rochdale is that Labour took the seat from the Lib Dems (the sitting Lib Dem MP had some expenses issues). The conservatives seem to have taken votes from both Lab and Lib Dem voters with an increase of 8% on the last election. Boundary changes also probably had an effect here.

Libertyscott said...

Yes, fair point. Rochdale was nominally Labour with boundary changes, I should have clarified that.