Friday, June 27, 2008

Zimbabweans find their own way to defy

The sham election that Robert Mugabe hoped he could rig to show how popular he is, is turning out to be a fizzle. The Daily Telegraph reports that Zimbabweans are showing they can't be forced to turn out to vote or to vote properly:

"Despite threats from Mr Mugabe's thugs to beat those who refused to vote, many polling stations in the capital Harare had not seen a single ballot cast three hours after opening.
Others remained virtually empty and many of those who did vote simply spoiled their ballot papers
. "

Good for them.

There have been moments in history when despite the overwhelming brutal weight of totalitarianism, a tipping point is reached, and people are brave enough to say no. In Romania it happened when a pro-Ceaucescu rally turned on him as seen below...

May the brave citizens of Zimbabwe reach the same turning point - most dictators are full of fear of those they rule. I hope you can all give him cause for that fear, and that he and his lackeys can run as Ceaucescu did.

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