02 June 2008

Greens sit on the fence

According to the NZ Herald the Greens are now proudly saying they'll sit on the fence as to which party to back after the election until it sees National policy.

That in itself should tell you how pointless a vote for National is - if the Greens can't even be frightened by it now. Russel Norman harks back a good 27 years to give Labour kudos in saying "Labour had shown leadership in keeping nuclear ships and Springbok rugby teams out of New Zealand in what had been brave moves." What leadership is that Russel? Oh that's right the leadership of distancing New Zealand from the Western alliance against the tyranny and human rights abuses of the USSR, on grounds of total scaremongering. Yes and the Springbok tour, a bit long ago now wasn't it? Labour also set up New Zealand's embassy in Harare after Mugabe's thugs had committed genocide in Matabeleland, but after all he was a Black African Marxist, that made him ok.

Norman said "the parties seems to share a philosophy that beneficiaries and children "must suffer" whereas the Greens wanted benefits and minimum wages raised." That's right. Only the state can make life for poor children better, not the people who took the urge to reproduce themselves. The Greens want more state welfare, that's clear.

To give the Greens credit, they do believe in something. They are the high church for the religion of environmentalism, and all of the faith (rather than evidence) based beliefs attached to it. They advocate shutting down alternative points of view. They promote state constitutional racism. They want more government and more taxes, and believe the state is the answer, believe they can change what's bad and their interventions will make it good. They think people should be penalised for too much success and rewarded the bigger they fail to look after themselves or their kids.

The Greens are the true party of the left in New Zealand. The Green moniker is simply the latest empirical "justification" for large scale state intervention. Green means big government, unless, of course, you are talking about narcotics, and certain civil liberties.

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