02 June 2008

Herald responds to TVNZ's moans about Sky

A NZ Herald editorial rightfully points out that TVNZ's moans about Sky are ill founded, as its competitors never called for it to be dismembered:

"Not so many years ago TVNZ ruled the screens in this country with its twin channels and a seeming monopoly on events of public interest...Both Sky and TV3 have had to struggle at times against the might of the state broadcaster. They did not call for tougher regulation and a compulsory carve-up of TVNZ's business. They took their losses, regrouped and competed.

At one time TVNZ was Sky's largest shareholder. After it sold in 1999, the subscriber channel strengthened and TVNZ's troubles began. Since then the state broadcaster's commercial performance has been as dismal as its content. A change of Government will probably end its charter confusion and force it to stand on its own competitive two feet. That is what it needs."

Yes, TVNZ could be sharing in the profits of Sky but chose not to - hopefully the next government will give it a chance to operate commercially, if not just sell the whole damned thing off. As I've said before, TVNZ had a 29 year headstart on television in NZ, with a statutory monopoly. How much advantage do you want?

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adamsmith1922 said...

Good to see someone else picking up on this issue also.

TVNZ deserve a good spanking speaking metaphorically of course

Adam has posted several times on TVNZ's campaign to destroy private property rights, my latest is here