09 June 2008

One simple question to ask every single National Party candidate

Do you support voluntary student union membership?

Of course they could all publicly indicate what they DO think.

Of course any don't say they will fully support free choice of students to belong or not belong to a student union, don't deserve the vote of freedom loving people. In fact if they prevaricate, just say "fuck off you fascist, I may as well vote Labour".

Of course if they all support it like David Farrar does, then there MIGHT be one step forward for freedom if the Nats win.


Anonymous said...

It is possible for voluntary student union membership to occur within New Zealand right now. The University of Auckland has had voluntary membership of AUSA for a decade now, and that has never been threatened (not even by the Labour Party).

From what I have heard, it was a huge battle to get AUSA membership from being complusory to voluntary, which culminated in a 1998 vote of the students.

I certainly agree with David Farrar - you wouldn't see that sort of nonsense occurring on such a day up in Auckland. The thing is to get the people at Vic to start the move toward voluntary membership.

Libertyscott said...

Possible yes, but it shouldn't be a matter of a vote to get freedom. This was one of the limp wristed pathetic compromises of the last National government - completely contemptible.

It's like the time Australians voted on whether Aborigines should be granted the rights of full citizenship.

Anonymous said...

Hang on a second, Liberty Scott, you are arguing that it shouldn't be up to the people of Victoria University to decide whether or not they want complusory "unionism"?

You forget that they are at that university by choice (you can go to Auckland, AUT, Canterbury, Otago, Lincoln, Massey, et cetera), so they have clearly accepted complusory "unionism" by becoming a student there, so this isn't an issue of freedom. Whenever you join anything, you have to abide by certain terms and conditions.

Also, it is not akin to the time when Australians voted on whether Aborigines should become citizens or not - they were legally animals; and furthermore, that vote was necessary anyway, because it involved a change to the Australian Constitution.

Faye said...

Why bother arguing with this crap?

Only an idiot would vote for a party that claims they are moderate yet refuse to reveal their policies!

Anonymous said...

Mr Armpit, why is it that only an idiot would vote for the National Party? The sole reason, I suspect, that they are not yet revealing their policies is to avoid theft of their ideas by Labour; look at all the ideas that they have had that have been popular, Labour have downright stolen them and used them to keep themselves in power.