23 June 2008

Mbeki can go to hell

That is the phrase a Movement for Democratic Change spokesman said when asked whether Morgan Tsvangarai would be prepared to negotiate for a government of national unity. Quite right too. Tsvangarai's abandonment of the election campaign is a shame, but the violence his supporters are enduring against Mugabe's barbaric gang has become untenable.

Tanzania and Kenya are now criticising the Zimbabwean government, although in fairly modest terms. Although Mbeki continues to want victims to be in coalition with murderers, ANC President Jacob Zuma was reported as saying “I think we’ll be lucky if we have a free election,” Zuma told Reuters. When asked if he thought the vote would be fair, Zuma replied: “I don’t think so.”

Oh and if you want to read the filthy media in the pay of Mugabe try this. The paper says Mugabe has a job to finish, blames the opposition for the economic collapse and disgustingly claims the deceased Joshua Nkomo (bullied and threatened by Mugabe and his thugs into submission over 20 years ago) would endorse him now. Another state paper says the election will continue as Tsvangarai has not formally withdrawn.

In a dictatorship, the politicians and the military/police gangs that protect them are the first line of evil, but the media are the second ones. Professional liars and sycophants, writing history day by day to create scapegoats to blame for the evil committed by their idols and to blank out the truth.

So the week will pass, and Thabo Mbeki will continue to straddle the fence between good and evil - hopefully after so much straddling the fence pailings will impale him appropriately.


Anonymous said...

Don't believe anything that Zuma says - it is all about what he thinks you want to hear. He will support Mugabe if his time ever comes.

Libertyscott said...

Yes, I have no illusions about him being substantively better. The man is sexist and more leftwing than Mbeki, it's a movement sideways not up.