04 March 2008

The anti-Obama strategy that will fail

Giving a damn about his middle name being Hussein
Giving a damn about him being an Arab or African-American or whatever.

At the most this will pander to conservatives who are bigoted xenophobes, with little substance behind why Obama should be opposed. It will shore up the leftwing liberals who respond badly to such doggerell, so it is NOT manna for Republicans.

What DOES matter is that he is leftwing, his economic policies are blatantly anti-free trade and pro-big government. His talk is mostly rhetoric and little substance.

Obama as a President is most likely to be a disaster for New Zealand, as he will have little interest in promoting a liberalisation agenda at the WTO that persuades global abolition of agricultural export subsidies, removal of non-tariff barriers to agricultural imports and moving towards free trade of agricultural commodities.

That is why New Zealanders should, grit their teeth, and hope Hillary wins in Ohio and Texas tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Take a look at this:


He's not just an Arab or a stealth Muslim - he's a stealth fag-lovin' Muslim demi-negro.

The Right are dumber than a bag of rocks.