11 March 2008

Strategic assets

For all those on the left (and Muldoonist right) who fear strategic assets, like airports, run by foreigners. Consider these airports with at least 40% of the shares owned NOT by nationals of the country they are in:

- London Heathrow Airport
- London Gatwick Airport
- London Stansted Airport
- Glasgow International Airport
- Glasgow Prestwick Airport (owned by New Zealanders no less)
- Athens International Airport
- Hamburg Airport
- Tirana Airport
- Copenhagen International Airport

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Still waiting for a definition from Dr Cullen of what a strategic asset actually is. I just don't get how they can so blithely write off so much shareholder value.

Mind you, your average New Zealander is more disappointing than any politician. We are the ones letting them push our xenophobic buttons. Sigh...