17 March 2008

So who owns your life?

David Farrar has posted a tragic story of a French women suffering intolerable agony and loss of dignity due to esthesioneuroblastoma.
I challenge anyone to dare think for a moment that anyone BUT that woman has the right to decide when and how she should die. Who owns YOUR life?
Few points of freedom are more important than asserting that we all have the right to control not only our life but our own death. The last attempt to grant New Zealanders this right was in 2003, with the Death With Dignity Bill proposed by NZ First list MP Peter Brown - his proudest Parliamentary move in my book.
It was defeated 60 to 58, with one abstention and one no vote. The defeat wasn't even at the final reading, it was on the FIRST reading. It wasn't even allowed to go to Select Committee for submissions and for further work. That in itself tells you what those who voted against it thought. They don't even want to entertain that adults should decide when to terminate their lives when they become insufferable. It is worth remembering, of those in Parliament today, which MPs believe you own your life, and which ones think THEY do. You may be surprised. Of interest, Don Brash voted for the Bill.
Those who voted FOR considering the Death with Dignity Bill (who are still in Parliament today):
Tim Barnett (Lab)
David Benson-Pope (Lab)
Sue Bradford (Greens)
Peter Brown (NZ First)
Mark Burton (Lab)
Chris Carter (Lab)
Steve Chadwick (Lab)
Helen Clark (Lab)
David Cunliffe (Lab)
Ruth Dyson (Lab)
Russell Fairbrother (Lab)
Jeanette Fitzsimons (Greens)
Phil Goff (Lab)
George Hawkins (Lab)
Dave Hereora (Lab)
Rodney Hide (Act)
Marian Hobbs (Lab)
Pete Hodgson (Lab)
John Key (Nat)
Winnie Laban (Lab)
Keith Locke (Greens)
Moana Mackey (Labour)
Steve Maharey (Lab)
Murray McCully (Nat)
Mahara Okeroa (Lab)
Pita Paraone (NZ First)
Winston Peters (NZ First)
Lynne Pillay (Lab)
Heather Roy (Act)
Dover Samuels (Lab)
Lockwood Smith (Nat)
Barbara Stewart (NZ First)
Nandor Tanczos (Greens)
Georgina te Heuheu (Nat)
Judith Tizard (Lab)
Metiria Turei (Greens)
Tariana Turia (then Labour now Maori)
Maurice Williamson (Nat)
Pansy Wong (Nat)
Doug Woolerton (NZ First)
Those who voted AGAINST the Bill (and remain in Parliament):
Jim Anderton (Prog C)
Shane Ardern (Nat)
Rick Barker (Lab)
Gerry Brownlee (Nat)
David Carter (Nat)
John Carter (Nat)
Ashraf Choudhary (Lab)
Judith Collins (Nat)
Brian Connell (Nat)
Gordon Copeland (UF now independent)
Clayton Cosgrove (Lab)
Michael Cullen (Lab)
Lianne Dalziel (Lab)
Peter Dunne (UF)
Harry Duynhoven (Lab)
Bill English (Nat)
Taito Phillip Field (Lab now independent)
Martin Gallagher (Lab)
Mark Gosche (Lab)
Sandra Goudie (Nat)
Phil Heatley (Nat)
Parekura Horomia (Lab)
Darren Hughes (Lab)
Paul Hutchison (Nat)
Sue Kedgley (Greens) (big surprise, yeah right!)
Annette King (Lab)
Nanaia Mahuta (Lab)
Trevor Mallard (Lab)
Wayne Mapp (Nat)
Ron Mark (NZ First)
Damien O'Connor (Lab)
David Parker (Lab)
Jill Pettis (Lab)
Simon Power (Nat)
Katherine Rich (Nat)
Mita Ririnui (Lab)
Ross Robertson (Lab)
Tony Ryall (Nat)
Clem Simich (Nat)
Nick Smith (Nat)
Paul Swain (Lab)
Lindsay Tisch (Nat)
Judy Turner (UF)
Margaret Wilson (Lab)
Richard Worth (Nat)
Dianne Yates (Lab)
ACT's caucus (today) voted for it, as did John Key and Helen Clark. Any hope of this being resurrected after the next election, or will we have the usual swathe of conservative National MPs who think they know best?

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Anonymous said...

When Brown goes from Parliament at the next election, i'd like to see ACT's Heather Roy put up the Bill.