08 March 2008

Stop worshipping the cruel NHS

The NHS is Britain's great fraud. You are forced to pay something called "National Insurance" which if it were an insurance scheme, would have been put out of business for fraud. The NHS is a politically driven bureaucracy that cares nothing for service and responding to consumers, but acts like an old fashioned eastern European Marxist-Leninist bureaucracy.
You see that in the latest news, when it denies one of its former staff eye surgery to stop her going blind. This is the sort of story you expect from those gloating how awful health care is in the USA - but no, it is socialist medicine in the UK. She is instead paying twice - paying privately £800 a shot for treatment.
So if it were suggested that under "National Insurance" you could stop paying it premiums and pay premiums for a service that works for you, the left would cry "privatisation" and "unfair" - meanwhile the system would let a former nurse go blind.
oh and the Tories wont do anything about it, because no one wants to confront the truth about the NHS - it performs abysmally. Hardly surprising, as it is the third biggest employer in the world. How can anything that big and state owned possibly be responsive?

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