01 August 2008

Wanna bet?

NZ Herald reports "National is brushing off suggestions it is not very different from Labour and promises voters that coming policy releases on tax, health, education, energy and law and order will clearly differentiate it from its rival."

So it's going to eliminate the top income tax rate or declare a tax free threshold?
So it's going to announce full tax deductibility for private health insurance?
So it's going to announce all education funding follows the child?
So it's going to announce National will advance new electricity generation by selling up to 49% of the government's three power companies by issuing new capital?
So it's going to announce that recidivist violent and sexual criminals will be denied welfare and custody of children?

Just a few ideas... none of them radical at all.

Then Key has the audacity to say "National believed in greater freedom, smaller government and less interference". Which is seen where John? Nice words but why are your policies involving LESS freedom, MORE government and MORE interference compared with the last time National was in power? In other words, Labour increases the role of the state and National basically rolls over and maybe throws a few crumbs, but doesn't roll things back to at least what they were like when National last governed?

Dr Cullen is more optimistic than me though - well in the sense that National will be a change. he says that National would lead the country down a fundamentally different path with "creeping privatisation of health and education". Well if you consider the path to privatisation to be as long as from here to the Moon and National's creeping at the pace of a snail.

Don't fret about the speed wobbles Michael.

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