19 August 2008

Kedgley says what she doesn't do

Yes, she's at it again. Whilst I agree on one level with Sue Kedgley that Transmission Gully is a waste of money, the reason she gives for opposing it is another one of her hysterical raves.

She is claiming that by the time the goldplated boondoggle is built, "oil will have increased to a point where many Wellingtonians will not be able to afford to drive on the new motorway". She of course assumes no only that oil will get that expensive, but that there wouldn't be any replacement. You see she is almost gleeful that she thinks people will have "moved beyond the private vehicle as a means of transport".

Yes, the inexorable trend of the last 80 years of people moving towards private motorised transport will be reversed. What utter nonsense.

She continues "The Government is already spending six times more on roading than it does on superior options such as rail, which are far more efficient, safe and needed than roads" Six times!! Yes well Sue, the money DOES come from road users (you always leave that one out don't you?) and roads DO go everywhere (most of the country is miles away from any railways), so half the spending on roads is maintenance. So you'd rather roads just were potholed would you? Usual Sue Kedgley mindless rants with nothing intelligent behind them.

and Sue if rail is superior, why don't you use it regularly? Why don't you get the Overlander everytime you go from Wellington to Auckland, Hamilton, Palmerston North or the like? Or why don't you get the ferry and the TranzCoastal to Christchurch? If it is so "superior", why do you use a car at all you hypocrite?

She talks of urgent "investment" in public transport. So go on Sue, set up your own bus company, or buy some railway carriages, if you're convinced the private motor car is doomed surely you'll make a fortune out of this "investment".

No? Oh yes it's just a lot of hypocritical hysterical nonsense isn't it?

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Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more with you regarding Kedgley's toughtless rants. A bit like beef, lettuce, bread and cheese being fine ... until they are wrapped up in a McDonalds wrapper and morph into the devil's food.