11 August 2008

Greens seek to nationalise voluntary sector

The Green Party has released its policy on the "community and voluntary sector", which by definition is a sector which, from a libertarian perspective, exists because people choose to participate in it and pay for it (notwithstanding that some in that sector are hardened statists).

The policy, in essence, is about forcing you to pay to support that sector. Phrases like "larger budget allocation", "Enhance mechanisms and resourcing to allow policy input from community organizations", "Fund a sector-led, independent group or group of groups to work with Government".

Then it wants to force you to fund a NEW competitor to Kiwibank "Provide the starting capital for a community owned banking network..."

Remember every time the Greens say "support" they mean to do it by putting their hand in your wallet one way or another.

How is it then a "voluntary sector"?

If you are part of this sector, maybe a car club, or promote free trade, or promote laissez-faire capitalism, or private property rights, or even of a religion, you think you'd get part of this booty?

Takes the Greens to nationalise the non-state sector doesn't it?

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