14 August 2008

Sorry Rodney?

Blair Mulholland reports that Rodney Hide at a recent ACT regional conference stated that "he supported making it illegal to insult cops"

Blair understandably is outraged - the Police SHOULD be accountable when people are upset due to negligence, recklessness or being bloody minded bullies.

So is this true Rodney? Does the liberal party want to make it a crime to tell a cop he's being useless? Can other ACTivists enlighten, enquire, confirm or deny? Just when I was starting to give ACT the benefit of the doubt.


MikeE said...

Unfortunately it appeared to be the case from where I was sitting at the conference.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to give a piece of my mind to the Chch police inspector for his obnoxious comments to the recently-burgled homeowners as per Oswald Bastable's latest post.

In fact I feel a letter coming on. I'm pretty sure it was the Chch police who recently criticised those who would act in self-defence.

That certainly deserves some well-chosen abuse.

Weight Loss Warrior said...

Cop is being useless lol

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Andy said...

How many drunk people perceive a policeman's actions to be "negligent, reckless or being bloody minded bullies."

If someone has a problem with a policeman, they should darn well go about sorting it out the right way, not by simply lambasting them on the spot and in the heat of the moment.

I'm an ACT supporter - I don't agree with everything Rodney says, but I do agree that it should be an offence to insult a policeman - he represents the Government of our land, and therefore should be respected and honoured.

Anonymous said...

Jeez, Andy; I don't respect our government at all, nor do I find it honourable. And what of the likes of Shipton & Schollum?

But I take the point you make in your second paragraph. I also believe there is no way police should have to accept bad language/cheek from minors.

Andy said...

I find it hard to respect the current government as well. But I was more talking about a concept here.