05 August 2008

Mobile phones on planes nooooooooo

Yes the beginning of the end of peace.

Emirates is quietly allowing this invasion of tranquility according to ABTN.

Its new Boeing 777-300ER aircraft are equipped to handle text messaging and phone calls, but the Airbus A340s and A330s are being equipped as well. So now you know what airline to choose/avoid for the long haul if you don't want Mr, Mrs or Miss Twat next to you with their inept "beep beep... one second pause.... beep beep" texting notification, or babbling on about "yes I'm on the plane" nonsense.

Emirates Vice President Patrick Brannelly has said that "One worry was passengers would keep other passengers awake during the night, but ... this has not happened." Of course in scum class you'd already be awake with the extra narrow seats on the 777 as it squeezes in 10 abreast when Air NZ, Singapore Airlines and BA all fit nine.

So, do you want to make mobile phone calls? Should it only be allowed in a specific compartment on the plane? Or should people just accept that the world doesn't come to a stop just because they are in the air?


ZenTiger said...

I used to buy tickets and fly around the place just to get some peace and quiet.

The last thing I want is to be sitting next to some swarthy bloke in the customary attire of a taleban rebel saying in an Eaton trained accent "Do we storm the flight deck now, Osama?" That would be just sooo rude.

Libertyscott said...

Zen if you "buy tickets and fly around the place just to get some peace and quiet" I expect to see you in the front of plane. Welcome (though Eaton? tsk you surely need to get the spelling right to sit in the front in BA) :)

ZenTiger said...

Ok, Eton! I swear these post things re-write my words. My Cambridge bias is exposed. Those damn fools wouldn't recognise a plum if it was in their mouths anyway.

Actually, I have a friend who is a pilot and I have been in the very front seats a few times. It's almost as good as a flight sim.