07 August 2008

The Mongrel coalition

Clint Heine blogs on what is a real possibility, Labour's grand mongrel coalition to stay in power that could include:
- Jim Anderton (obviously);
- the Greens (desperate for a chance at power and Cabinet);
- the Maori Party (also keen for power and to extract concessions from government, and to avoid the backlash it may risk in backing National);
- Peter Dunne (he's former Labour after all, and is almost certainly a single MP so he will be seeking a way to retain power);
- NZ First (Winston's done ok from Labour and knows the Nats are baying for his blood).

Clark knows that it only works because she leads it, but the truth is that all of them will want concessions, it could mean all get a Cabinet position.

Heine rightfully warns "I believe that behind the scenes the same sort of failed policies of the seventies mixed with the religious zeal of evangelical green nonsense and the sheer self motivated populism of Winston Peters could be forced on Kiwis if we let it happen."

Which is indeed a reminder of the despicable evil that all these parties represent, an abandonment of the mind for the pandering to fear, dependency and point scoring populism. From the Muldoonist closed minded xenophobic conservatism, to the anti-scientific, anti-rational scaremongering ecological evangelism, and cheap populist "give them what the want" pork barrelling.

Who would want that lot, right?

What party with any sense of seeking good governance and to advance rational politics would enter into a coalition or seek power with any of that lot?

What party can you vote for that wont seek to share power with the racist collectivist mystic led statism of the Maori Party and Greens, or the racist scaremongering of NZ First or power desperate meandering United Future?

1 comment:

scrubone said...

Heine's an idiot.

Everyone knows full well that Dune would never, ever go with Labour - he was instrumental in 2005 in stitching up a similar arrangement with National. (Remember that Labour + Jim had the same numbers as National + Act)

There's no way that the man would risk being the first man who went against the clear will of the people.