20 August 2008

Wellington boobs on bike? nah

Now I don't care much for Steve Crow's view of taste but I do think the Hive's opposition to a bare breasted Helen Clark lookalike because "it could be used by opponents to ridicule the PM" is misplaced. This is in response to Dominion Post reports that Crow wants to put Boobs on Bikes in Wellington.

However, so what if the PM is ridiculed? Is the PM to be immune from ridicule? Why would this encourage anyone to vote for Helen Clark? Wouldn't those offended be voting for her anyway (or more likely conservative enough to be voting National anyway)? Isn't making fun of politicians just part of a free society?

Leftwing Wellington City Councillor Celia Wade-Brown said she "believed the parade was offensive to women and the capital's diverse ethnic groups". Well clearly not women who choose to participate, but more importantly how does SHE speak on behalf of all ethnic groups? What nonsense! I think the idea will go down badly in Wellington because so many will just find it tiresome and uninteresting, and those who do like it will be far too emasculated by the overwhelming culture of "offence" to show it!

Now if he paraded it around the Hutt Valley, he'd get a far friendlier response I am sure.

UPDATE: Picture from the Waikato Times of a cop stopping three young women trying to bring bare breasts to Hamilton. Now here's a thought - is it more sexual if they can dress in hotpants and over the knee boots in public with breasts covered, than wearing jeans and jandals with bare breasts? More importantly, what did the Police warn the women about? If it is legal in Auckland, what right does a cop have to warn people to not do something legal?


Heisenbug said...

The three women in Hamilton weren't pulled up because of indecent exposure - I bet the guy just wanted their phone numbers ;-)


Luke H said...

The cops are allowed to do almost anything under their "public disturbance" rules. Anything that might cause a fuss, they can 'warn' people about.

Most people aren't keen to further anger those serious-looking chaps with all the gear hanging off their belts - even if what they are doing is technically legal.

Their powers are far too wide-ranging, of course.

Anonymous said...

From behind, those young women look more like they were soliciting than expressing their right to bare their breasts. They look farking cold as well.

However I think that they should have the right to display their breasts if they want to and we should all encourage them to exercise that right.