23 October 2009

Britain's race problem

The imminent appearance of BNP Leader Nick Griffin on BBC Question Time tonight indicates a growth in interest in the racist nationalist socialist party. Why? Well besides obvious disillusionment from many who would associate themselves with a more leftwing Labour Party, there is a race problem in Britain. It's a problem that incidents like this one provide fertile ground for the BNP to attract membership.

The Daily Mail reports how a 15yo schoolboy was involved in scuffles with a group of young south Asian boys, how he was attacked with a hammer that fractured his skull, and a knife, yet he feared being suspended - because of racism. Now the injured one wasn't completely innocent, but a culture appearing of young Asian youths feeling "untouchable" and able to use claims of racism as part of their armoury against white youths is utterly outrageous. It demonstrates how out of touch multiculturalist teachers are, and how easy it is for the BNP to call this racism against white Britons.

The Labour Party wont confront it because it is part of the problem. It encourages the "racism only runs one way" victim based context to consider race in the UK. It has demonstrably shown it will promote based on race to attract votes and sympathy with certain communities, the likes of Baroness Uddin demonstrating how low Labour's standards can go.

The Conservative Party wont confront it because it is scared of being branded "racist" given its recent makeover to look more inclusive. The Conservatives have long had a history of perhaps being more sceptical of ethnic minority candidates, and are now trying to outdo Labour on this front to attract voters who would otherwise never have thought of the Conservatives.

The Liberal Democrats are invisible.

So who is left? The party that actively tells young white Britons to be proud and says it "understands".

Until others start to recognise racism can go in all directions, and treat it all as inexcusable, then the BNP will have a policy that is difficult for many white Britons to disagree with. You can't start to accuse the BNP of racism without being called a hypocrite if you also close your eyes to racism instigated by those of non-British descent.

Racism is irrational and wrong - always. Whoever claims racial or national superiority based on birth place or ethnicity is being mindlessly stupid. Yet if the two mainstream parties pander to playing race cards, is it any surprise a minor one will get traction?


Canterbury Atheists said...

I personally can’t see anything wrong with recent U.K marches against radical Islam – which were automatically branded as racist.

Funny that.

I saw Indians and West Indians in the crowds protesting against religious terrorism.

Ethnic minorities and religious adherents automatically get some sort of exemption from criticism and justification for their excess’s – thanks largely to bleeding heart socialists.

A black man attacks a white man and he is the sad result of centuries of oppression, social status rather than being a scum-bag.

A white man attacks a black man and he is automatically a racist.

Muslims want the right to practice their beliefs in the very society they want to bring an end to and treat with contempt the peoples and systems when they so choose.

They can’t have it both ways – racism and sexism is a two way street.

The BNP will continue to gain power whilst society turns a blind eye to injustice of all kinds.

See ya.


Amy said...

It is unfortunate that there are people with the same views as Griffin. They should not be allowed to be in politics.

ZenTiger said...

Muslims want the right to practice their beliefs in the very society they want to bring an end to and treat with contempt the peoples and systems when they so choose.

Not exactly. Some Muslims, like many other groups, want the freedom to live in a democratic society that would protect their freedom of belief. They in turn would respect other beliefs in line with ideals around freedom.

Others I suspect simply want to destroy democratic society from within. They are not hypocrites, they are simply an enemy of freedom, engaged in asymmetrical warfare.