08 October 2009

Pictures from a nearly car free society

The Times has a new photo-gallery of, where else?

(and yes it is a trolley bus not a tram)


Jeremy Harris said...

You'll be glad to see they still have the right to smoke, cause smoking wherever you like is one of the really important rights, eh Liberty..?

Libertyscott said...

No Jeremy, not quite right.

North Koreans have no rights in that the state will arbitrarily take any "rights" away with no recourse, except the right to venerate the Kims.

Secondly, smoking wherever you like is NOT a right. Smoking on your own property is a right. Other property owners can grant you that right as well if they so wish.

Jeremy Harris said...

Thanks for the history lesson...

Not too long till smoking is resigned to the museum, hopefully along with libertarianism... ;)