21 October 2009

EU Wankers

While Britain has a burgeoning budget deficit, it is borrowing from future taxpayers to prop up part of the biggest group of welfare recipients in Europe.

According to the Daily Mail, EU Agriculture Commissioner Mariann Fischer Boel asked the ministers to approve an emergency grant of about £250 million in next year's EU budget to prop up the dairy sector.

The appropriate response is to tell her to where to stick the request.

However, do you see anger in the streets at these failed businesspeople, who have lived off of the back of taxpayers for years now, compared to bankers?

Fortunately the British government is not completely rolling over, but Britain should claw back cutbacks in spending to the EU - it should force the EU to slash its budget.

I remember the suffering and pain that New Zealand farmers went through when economic reality hit them in the 1990s, it's about time that European farmers, who have adequate warning of change, were given a small number of years to see subsidies eliminated.

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