14 October 2009

Hottest political leader?

According to this blog John Key ranks 72, ahead of Gordon Brown and Kevin Rudd (84 and 93), but beneath such gods as Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov of Turkmenistan and Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus.

Does Kim Jong Il really deserve last?

Besides of course, it strictly speaking isn't heads of state. Queen Elizabeth the 2nd is the Head of State for more than couple of countries.

Of course you can all guess the obvious question, what would the country rankings have been a year ago when some of those were different?



A plunge downmarket there for you Liberty.
But as one of the younger leaders, I thought the boyish charms of John Key might rank him higher.
Obviously, we need to get him down to the gym ready for those Obama-like beach shots for the summer papers when nothing happens in New Zealand.
I am surprised Angela Merkel didn't rank higher too.
I think she has a lovely smile for an older woman.
But yes, you can see why Yulia is number one.
I wonder what Cactus Kate thinks of this blog. This is the kind of thing she would comment or post on too.
But back to your original question. yes, a year ago, New Zealand woul;d have surel;y scraped the barrel.
There are some odd looking leaders on the list, but none seem as ugly as our old Uncle!

Lucy said...

Obviously racist. Did you notice that less than 20 out of the 100 had BLUE eyes?