16 October 2009

Greens commemorate Urewera 17

Lest we forget - a phrase used often to refer to war veterans, those whose lives were sacrificed to fight tyranny.

The Greens use it to remember the Police action taken to raid the homes of radical activists. People who seemed to express a lot of interest in fighting, but it wasn't fighting tyranny.

Catherine Delahunty calls what happened "human rights outrages". What is it she is talking about?

It's well established that members of the Green Party has many links to those who were arrested and charged. That Delahunty sympathises with Tuhoe and its communist self styled leader Tame Iti is hardly surprising.

Phil Howison wrote about this in much more detail, but in summary the Police found:

- Intercepted conversations indicated interest in attacking Parliament, assassinating John Key, bombing power stations, telecommunications facilities and the Waihopai military communications facility. It talked of driving farmers from their land and recruits should prove themselves by conducting an armed robbery or killing white people for "practice";
- A cache of firearms and ammunition, 20 weapons were seized;
- Quasi military training camps existed teaching firearm use and tactics.

This was a demonstrable reason to raid the people concerned, some of which have criminal histories including for assault and trespass.

Charges were not laid under the Terrorism Suppression Act because of how badly the legislation was drafted, it being described as "complex and incoherent", and "almost impossible to apply to domestic circumstances".

Delahunty has shown her true colours, she is no friend of peace or non-violence. Nobody who has seen the Pascoe affidavit would not be concerned about what was talked about.

Indeed, evidence since supports reports of the presence of military style training camps.

I would have thought the best thing for Green MPs to do is simply shut up.

It is too much to hope for the Greens to condemn caching firearms, military style training camps, talk of killings and vandalism. Instead there is denial about all of this, a blank out similar how the Greens accuse global warming sceptics of talking.

So what COULD the Greens have said?

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