20 October 2009

Nazi murders vs communist murderers

Given the all too appropriate anger at this story, can anyone explain why similar worshipping of a hammer and sickle, or image of Marx, Lenin, or Stalin, or Che Guevara, or Castro would not cause any outrage at all?

How many brainless gits do you see every day walking around with pictures of Che Guevara on their chests, or Marx or the like?

Oh and you might get the standard Marxist reply "oh that wasn't really Marxism", because the USSR got it wrong. However, it wasn't just the USSR was it? It was also:

- Mongolia
- China
- Afghanistan
- Cuba
- Albania
- Yugoslavia
- Romania
- Bulgaria
- Czechoslovakia
- Poland
- East Germany
- Vietnam
- Laos
- Cambodia
- North Korea
- Angola
- Benin
- Congo (Brazzaville)
- Ethiopia
- Hungary
- Grenada
- Mozambique
- Somalia
- Yemen
- Burma

Imagine if a school had a communism party? Would the media bother saying this is an outrage to everyone who suffered under such tyranny?

You might think the 60 or so million Mao killed directly or by starvation using insane economic policies, and the 30 million Stalin killed directly or through war or starvation, might give as much reason to be offended.


Berry said...

You will have followed the Glen Beck - Anita Dunn controversy, where she actually stated at a High School function that Moa Ze Dung was her lighting example to whom she turned for political philosophy. There you go.

KG said...

LS, the virus has adapted, mutated so much so that the host is no longer aware of being infected.
Great post.

KG said...

And what about Zimbabwe?