26 November 2011

Election 2011 - Live blogging - Libertarians results

Hamilton West - Tim Wikiriwhi (independent) 101 votes, 2nd last. 100% votes counted. Libertarianz 26 ahead of Alliance

Invercargill - Shane Pleasance 122 votes, last. 100% votes counted. Libertarianz 32 votes, ahead of Alliance

Kaikoura - Ian Hayes 115 votes, last. 100% votes counted. Libertarianz 22 votes, ahead of Alliance

Mana - Richard Goode (ALCP) 272 votes, 2nd last (ahead of ACT).  98.1% votes counted. Libertarianz 17 ahead of Alliance and Socred.  (ALCP 128 votes above Libz, Alliance, Socred)

Northcote - Peter Linton 60 votes, last.  100% votes counted.  Libertarianz 32 votes ahead of Alliance and Socred

Ohariu- Sean Fitzpatrick 96 votes.. 100% votes counted. Libertarianz 45 votes ahead of Alliance and Socred

Tamaki - Stephen Berry (independent) 139 votes. 100% votes counted.  22 votes ahead of Alliance and Socred

Wairarapa - Richard McGrath (Party Leader) 621 votes! ahead of ACT. 100% votes counted. 85 votes ahead of Alliance, Socred and Mana

Waitakere - Peter Osborne 44 votes. 98.1% votes counted.  25 votes ahead of Alliance and Socred

Wellington Central - Reagan Cutting  53 votes. 100% votes counted. 9th place (4th from bottom).  31 votes ahead of Alliance and Socred

Whangarei - Helen Hughes 93 votes. 100% votes counted. 30 votes ahead of Alliance.

Total party vote 1402, 30 short of Socred.  Improvement on 1176 in 2008.


Daniel Stratton said...

Bit gutted that i didn't get your endorsement, Im a bigger Liberal than Hayden.

Daniel Stratton, ACT candidate for Palmerston North.

Libertyscott said...

Daniel, I would have happily endorsed you had your candidate profile demonstrated it. it described your mini CV and your hobby, but nothing about freedom, less government, why you are standing etc. I couldn't endorse someone who I didn't know and whose profile doesn't tell me more than you are an ACT candidate.

Greig McGill said...

Disappointed that myself and my wife counted as nearly 2% of the Hamilton West vote for Tim. That's a damning indictment on what Ham West thinks of freedom, given we had nobody else even in the ballpark, politically (or ideologically/ethically) speaking. Go the Blue Socialists I guess. :(

Daniel Stratton said...

Yes, I kind of failed on that one. I wrote that bio in 5 minutes, doh!

Most people who move in libertarian circles know who I am and what I stand for. Guess I overestimated that.

Lesson Learned!