26 November 2011

New Zealand election live blogging (Libertarians results)

Hamilton West - Tim Wikiriwhi (independent) 38 votes,  second last.  Libertarianz (which he wasn't fighting for directly) with 10 votes, double that of the Alliance

Invercargill - Shane Pleasance a credible 95 votes, last. Libertarianz 25 votes neck and neck with the Alliance

Kaikoura - Ian Hayes 50 votes, last, Libertarianz 12 ahead of the Alliance

Mana - Richard Goode (ALCP) 103 votes ahead of ACT.  Libertarianz 5 ahead of Alliance and Socred

North Shore - Michael Murphy 40 votes, last. Libertarianz 13 votes, ahead of Alliance and Socred

Northcote - Peter Linton 25 votes, last. Libertarianz 14 votes ahead of Alliance and Socred

Ohariu - Sean Fitzpatrick 48 votes, last. Libertarianz 26 votes, ahead of Alliance, Socred and Mana

Tamaki - Stephen Berry (independent) 57 votes, last.  Libertarianz 2 votes ahead of Socred (!)

Wairarapa - Richard McGrath 402 votes, ahead of ACT.  Libertarianz 65 votes ahead of Alliance, Socred and Mana

Waitakere - Peter Osborne 8 votes, last.  Libertarianz 3 votes, ahead Alliance , Scored

Wellington Central - Reagan Cutting 16 votes 2nd last equal.  Libertarianz 6 votes, ahead of Socred

Whangarei - Helen Hughes 47 votes, last.  Libertarianz  13 votes, ahead of Alliance

overall? 816 votes with 60% counted, definitely an improvement on 2008

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