26 November 2011

New Zealand election - live 0745 GMT

So I have finally woken up.   TVNZ  and RNZ both coming through strong.

This looks like Labour's 2002, 25% is dire, almost as bad as National in 2002.

NZ First re-emerges, blame the media for giving him the auction of publicity.  As David Farrar has said, why didn't the Conservative Party get the same?

Big focus is the Maori seats with our separatist racist candidate Hone looking like taking his seat, if so he may be on the cusp of bringing in the 9/11 cheerleader Annette Sykes.

Coromandel has Catherine moonbeam Delahunty third, ouch for Labour.

Peter Dunne must be worried in Ohariu

Long list of Labour seats at risk, Palmerston North very narrow for Labour

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