26 November 2011

New Zealand election live blogging 0800GMT

National looking like its dream result, but it is early.  Reminds me of 2005, when it looked good, but slid behind when big Auckland booths were counted.

Labour will be searching for a new leader.  However picking up Te Tai Tonga reduces the overhang by one, which is good for National

Greens will be pleased they'll have a big caucus

NZ First looks like sliding in, but it is early to say.  Blame the media for loving him for controversy.

Conservatives a credible 2.7%

Maori Party has lost around 40% of its party vote to Mana

Key issue will be whether Mana gets enough party votes to justify a second seat - let's hope Annette Sykes is kept out, she is well behind in Waiariki

Peter Dunne and John Bank both look like they have Ohariu and Epsom respectively, but early for both

50% of Wairarapa counted and Richard McGrath has pulled in more electorate votes than the ACT candidate with 298 votes and 48 party votes - between Maori and Mana

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