27 November 2011

Round up of NZ electorates, electorate and party votes

Electorates below with my recommendations highlighted, as you can see I didn't get what I wanted by and large :)

Auckland Central - 107 for ACT's David Seymour.  Sad he didn't beat the Conservative candidate, and ACT's vote collapsed in this seat.  Notable that Nikki Kaye's personal vote is better than National's party vote and Green voters couldn't stomach voting for Jacinda Ardern.  Men were all the bottom candidates in Auckland Central.  Greens did almost as well as Labour in the party vote here. NZ First outdid ACT here, who knew?  National solid on party vote though.  Labour will be disappointed here.

Bay of Plenty - Tony Ryall romps in.  I said spoil your ballot or abstain, 843 of you did for electorate votes, beating Mana and United Future.  NZ First came a close third in party vote, 200 behind Labour.  National country through and through and no surprise.

Botany - Incumbent Jami-Lee Ross romps in.  Conservatives third on electorate vote with Paul Young, but not well on party vote. ACT's Lyn Murphy well behind and poor ACT result.  Again NZ First third in party vote, but Nats miles ahead of Labour.  Never really going to be any other way.

Christchurch Central - Dead heat - ACT's Toni Severin denies this seat from the Nats on the night.  National well ahead on party vote.  Labour will wonder what went wrong.  

Christchurch East - Lianne Dalziel is safe here.  ALCP's Michael Britnell scored 208 votes.  Yet National is thousands ahead of Labour on the party vote.  Labour's remaining Christchurch stronghold.

Clutha-Southland - Bill English owns this seat with over two thirds of the vote.  ACT's Don Nicolson in fourth on 748 is miles out.  National's party vote nearly matches this, but Greens have surprisingly strong third place following.  Never really in doubt.

Coromandel - National's Scott Simpson romps in with a big majority, whilst Labour's Hugh Keninmouth has Catherine Delahunty right up against him in 2nd and 3rd respectively.  Jay Fitton ALCP got 400 votes.  National far ahead on party vote too, but NZ First beats the Greens on party vote.  Greens must wonder what they lost since the days Jeanette Fitzsimons had this seat.

Dunedin North - Labour's David Clark is comfortably elected as part of the new intake. Nats 2nd, Metiria Turei a strong third.  ACT's Guy McCallum last on 133.  Labour actually won the party vote here by around 600 votes, with Greens a very strong third.   Labour expected to win here.

Dunedin South - Labour's Clare Curran is safe here, sadly National's Joanne Hayes was nearly 3,900 behind.  Yet National was 1,500 ahead on the party vote, with NZ First a strong fourth.  Labour also expected to hold this.

East Coast - Ann Tolley is comfortable here with a majority of over 4,000, even if the Green votes had gone to Moana Mackey, it wouldn't have been enough.  ACT's John Norvill got only 135 votes.  National has more than double Labour's party vote, while NZ First is not far behind the Greens.  Labour would have hoped to make inroads, but looks fanciful now.

East Coast Bays - Murray McCully has an almost 2-1 lead over all others combined. 836 of you were informal electorate votes.  National's party vote matches that of McCully.  Conservative Party came a strong fifth place here.  National heartland, anyone here remember Gary Knapp?

Epsom - John Banks has this one with enough of a majority you wonder about the fuss in the media, it is clear that Labour and Green voters could have taken it from him had they voted National.  Yet they couldn't bring themselves to do that.  Mad bint Penny Bright has 106 followers!  363 were informal electorate votes.  National's party vote is dominant with almost two-thirds, but the Greens are a close third behind Labour, yet John Banks so uninspired ACT party votes that it was behind New Zealand First in a seat where ACT used to come third.  John Key relieved.  

Hamilton East - National's David Bennett has a 7000+ majority.  ACT's Garry Mallett got 208 votes.  Party vote is National's as well.  Greens a reasonable third.  Labour once would have hoped to win this.  

Hamilton West - National's Tim Macindoe has a 4000 or so majority, with NZ First's Bill Gudgeon (former MP) coming third.  Independent Tim Wikiriwhi got 101 votes, second to last.  National's party vote was well ahead of the others, with Greens and NZ First in close running in 3rd and 4th.  Labour wanted to do well here.  

Helensville - John Key has more than two-thirds of the vote here.  ACT's Nick Kearney got 161 votes. National's party vote was nearly as good as his electorate vote, with Labour, Greens and NZ First very far behind.  Never in doubt.

Hunua - National's Paul Hutchison also grabs about two-thirds of the vote.  ACT's Ian Cummings has a not bad 398 votes, and is 2 places short of being last.  Party vote again is National's, but NZ First is in third place ahead of the Greens.  Also never in doubt.

Hutt South - Trevor Mallard keeps his seat with a good margin of 4000.  ACT's Alex Speirs only gets 157 votes.  Green's Holly Walker a credible third.  Yet again,  National ahead on party vote by nearly 2,000.  Greens a strong third and NZ First a reasonable fourth.   Labour heartland but the Nats hoped to make some inroads. 

Ilam - Gerry Brownlee has a whopping majority of nearly 12,000.   Labour's John Parsons a distant second, even the strong vote for the Green Kennedy Graham would only have halved that gap had Parsons got it.  National's party vote is equally strong, with the Greens in third (yet more electorate than party votes) and  NZ First fourth.  Never really in doubt.

Invercargill - Eric Roy has a nearly 6,000 vote majority here against soporific Soper.  Libertarianz's Shane Pleasance gains a credible 122 votes.  National only gets half of the party vote here, but Labour is well behind as the Greens and NZ First have half Labour's vote again.  Once Labour country, but looks distant now.

Kaikoura - National's Colin King has an over 10,000 majority here, with the Greens in as strong third place on electorate vote. Libertarianz's Ian Hayes gained 115 votes.  National's party vote is equally strong, well ahead of Labour, which has the Greens on a strong third, followed by New Zealand First.  Once was tighter, but again looks distant now.

Mana - Labour's Kris Faafoi managed to hang on fairly comfortably with a majority of around 1,800 over hectoring Hekia Parata.  ALCP's Richard Goode did well to get 277 votes ahead of ACT's Michael Warren on 159.  Yet National won the party vote in what ought to be solid Labour territory with a margin of around 1000 votes.  The Greens are a strong third.  Should be Labour heartland, but isn't anymore. 

Mangere - Sua Sio of Labour has easily nearly three quarters of the vote here with one of Labour's few real heartland seats left.  National's Claudette Hauiti had no chance and no other candidates got over 1000 votes.  A rare seat where Labour won the party vote by a very large margin, but NZ First is third well ahead of the Greens.  For every National party vote here, Labour got five.  Solid Labour heartland.

Manukau East - Labour's Ross Robertson also owns this seat with 3 votes to every 1 cast for all others.  National's Kanwal Bakshi was the only candidate to get over 1,000 (with over 3,000).  ACT's Jono MacFarlane got 218 votes, sadly not beating communist John Minto's 402 votes for Mana.  Minto was beaten by NZ First's Asenati Taylor here who got more than double the vote he did.  Like Mangere, Labour took most of the party vote here, with National getting 1 vote for every 3 of Labour's.  New Zealand First third in party vote with Greens a distant fourth.  Minto's personal vote beat the Mana Party vote which in this low decile electorate was trounced by the Conservative Party and only 60 more than ACT.  Also solid Labour heartland.

Manurewa - Labour's Louisa Wall has done well here with a majority of around 7,000 ahead of National's Cam Calder. ACT's David Peterson got 161 votes.  NZ First candidate John Hall came third.  Labour also won the party vote here, with over double National's vote.  New Zealand First had more than double the Green Party vote here which was markedly poor, being only a few hundred about the Conservatives.  Solidly Labour, once Roger Douglas territory ironically.

Maungakiekie - Peseta Lotu-Iiga of National has a reasonable majority of around 2700 ahead of Labour's awful Carol Beaumont, but she can't blame the Green candidate Tom Land for that, as his votes wouldn't have been enough.  National has done well to lead in the party vote here by around 2000 with the Greens and NZ First in third and fourth respectively.  Once was Mark Gosche's heartland but boundary changes and demographics have taken it off Labour.

Mt Albert - Helen Clark's old seat is David Shearer's through and through with a whopping majority of around 9,000 votes.  Melissa Lee is well behind and shouldn't stand here again.  Steven Boyle of ACT gained 362 votes.  The reason why Lee shouldn't stand?  Party vote for National was only 100 behind Labour in a core Labour seat.  Greens a strong third and NZ First fourth.  Helen Clark made this Labour country, but for how long?

Mt Roskill - Labour Leader Phil Goff has a decent majority here of over 6,000 over National's Jackie Blue.  Green candidate Julie Anne Genter a distant third.  ALCP's Jasmin Hewlett a reasonable 124 beating the United Future candidate.  However, even Phil barely saw Labour win the party vote here with only 800 votes ahead of National.  NZ First came a strong fourth here.  Labour country that is eroding away.

Napier - For a seat that was Labour through and through, National's Chris Tremain has a steady 3,300+ majority now over Stuart Nash.  Greens a distant third and ACT's John Ormond with 144 votes.  National romped in on the party vote here with more than 6,000 ahead of Labour, the Greens third, but with NZ First and Conservative Parties both doing rather well here.  Labour needs to win seats like this to get any chance of government.

Nelson - Nick Smith has a majority of around 6,600 here, which is comfortable but not like that of many of his colleagues. Labour's Maryan Street has no rivals for second place here, with Greens a distant third.  National leads by 6,000 party votes, indicating Nick Smith might have electorate votes from Green Party voters as he does better than National.  Greens are a strong third here, with NZ First fourth.   Actually Labour country, but Smith has made it his.

New Lynn - David Cunliffe manages around half of the vote here, with a majority of 4400 over National's Tim Groser.  Greens a distant third.  Yet it is party vote National here by over 1,000 votes, as the Greens have a strong third place and NZ First fourth.  Cunliffe gets electorate votes from Green and  NZ First supporters it would seem.  More marginal than it looks, but Cunliffe never really threatened.

New Plymouth - National's Jonathan Young has secured a solid 4000 strong majority here over Labour's Andrew Little.  ALCP's Jamie Dombroski gained 392 votes ahead of independent Rusty Kane.  National's party vote was more than double that of Labour, indicating this is a solid National seat now.  Greens a comfortable third, with NZ First the only other notable result.   National country as it once was, Duynhoven was Labour's bullwark here till he was pushed out before.

North Shore - National's Maggie Barry beamed in with a 13,000 plus majority, over Labour's Ben Clark and it's a disgrace that ACT couldn't give Don Brash at a higher profile for the electorate vote to beat the Green candidate Pieter Watson.  Don Brash only gained 1129 votes in fourth place, better than the party vote at only 653 in a seat where ACT has been third.  National took 2 out of 3 party votes, with Labour getting 1 vote for National's four, the Greens third, NZ First fourth and Conservatives fifth.  Yes in a seat that should be ACT heartland, ACT is more than a 100 votes behind the previously unknown Conservative Party.   National heartland.

Northcote - National's Jonathan Coleman has a good 8,500 majority here over Labour's glamour puss Paula Gillon.  Libertarianz candidate Peter Linton gained 60 votes.  National took over half of the party vote here with the Greens a strong third and NZ First fourth.  Almost as National heartland as North Shore.

Northland - National's new drug czar Mike Sabin has a majority of over 10,000 now, with Labour's Lynette Stewart far behind.  Green and Conservative candidates both did rather well.  National took half of the party vote, with nearly 3 votes for every Labour one.  Greens closely followed by NZ First in the party vote, with the Conservative Party getting half of the NZ First party vote.  National heartland as this is where non-Maori Northland votes.

Ohariu - Peter Dunne is still not down and out, with his majority having grown from 1000 to 1600 or so, it appears National voters chose him over local candidate Katrina Shanks.  Labour's Charles Chauvel nearly double the vote of National's Katrina Shanks.  However curiously, if the voters for the Green candidate Gareth Hughes had voted for Chauvel, Dunne would be gone (but if he had Shanks's votes he'd be back if we play that game).  Good friend Sean Fitzpatrick of the Libertarianz gained 96 votes.  Party vote here is National's by a margin of 8,000 over Labour.  Greens getting 4,000 less than Labour.  NZ First did surprisingly well with 1341 party votes.  United Future a distant fifth with 615 party votes narrowly beating the Conservative accent.  Dunne's personal fiefdom, but is historically National territory.

Otaki - National's Nathan Guy has a comfortable 5000 or so votes ahead of Peter Foster of Labour.  Green and NZ First candidates making a small mention. In the party vote it is solidly Nat by over 6000 votes.  NZ First strong here only a few hundred behind the Greens, with the Conservative Party making a good showing too.  ACT's Peter McCaffrey gained 99 electorate votes.  This should be a marginal, but isn't looking it anymore.

Pakuranga - Never any doubt that Maurice Williamson would romp in here with a majority of over 12000.  ACT's Chris Simmons isn't a dent with 743 votes.  Hard to believe this was once a Social Credit seat.  Party vote is National with well over half.  Greens and NZ First vying for third place here behind Labour.  A seat that was once good for ACT collapses to 539 party votes.

Palmerston North - Iain Lees-Galloway the socialist comfortably takes this for Labour with a majority of around 3000 over National's Leonie Hapeta. Yet again National wins the party vote with more than 3,000 over Labour, Greens a distant third and NZ First fourth.  National hoped to pick this up, but does a Maori woman's name sadly put some off?

Papakura - Judith Collins in here with a majority of over 9000.  Curiously obscure ex MP Brent Catchpole came third here with 1589 votes, beating the Green candidate Caroline Conroy.  ACT's John Thompson gained 195 votes.  National has well over half of the party vote here, more than 2 votes for every 1 Labour got.  NZ First a decent third here, 1,000 party votes over the Greens.  Solidly National territory where once Labour managed to do well.

Port Hills - Ruth Dyson wins comfortably here with a majority of nearly 3,000 over National's David Carter, as this seat is partly about Lyttelton.  ACT's Geoff Russell gained 152 votes.  Yet National romps in on the party vote with over 4500 more than Labour.  Very strong Green showing with 5591 party votes.  NZ First a credible f.ourth.  Labour would have hoped to win better here, but it shows the Greens have eaten in heavily into traditional Labour voting territory.

Rangitata - National's Jo Goodhew has over half the vote here with over 6,000 votes ahead of Labour's Julian Blanchard.  ACT's Tom Corbett gained 280 votes.  National rules on the party vote too, being double that of Labour. Greens and NZ First distant third and fourth.  National heartland.

Rangitikei - National's Ian McElvie took this from Simon Power easily with a majority of over 8700.  Greens third but Conservative candidate Ian Robertson achieved a credible fourth.  ACT's Hayden Fitzgerald managed 251 votes.  Again who remembers this was once Social Credit country, it seems 26 do who voted Democrats for Social Credit.  National heartland.

Rimutaka - Labour's Chris Hipkins hangs on comfortably here with a majority of just over 3000.  ACT's Alwyn Courtenay gained 221 votes.  Yet National won on party votes nearly 4000 ahead of Labour, indicating Hipkins wins National voters over (oddly).  Greens third and NZ First fourth.  Should be Labour territory, but is almost marginal.

Rodney - Lockwood Smith's majority effectively handed over most of it to Mark Mitchell of National with just over 11000 as the majority.  However, the majority is not over Labour, but Conservative leader Colin Craig who won a staggering 7569 votes.  Surely a target for Conservatives next time, and perhaps the next Epsom?  Will John Key consider whether a deal might be done here?  Beth Houlbrooke of ACT gained 180 votes.  You can guess the party vote, National gained five times the vote of Labour. However, while Labour got 4639 party votes, it is followed by Greens on 2847, NZ First on 2492 and Conservatives on 2308.   This remains National heartland, but is top contender for the Conservative Party to focus efforts on breaking into Parliament, but it would be hard effort to make up an 11,000 vote gap against an ex. cop!

Rongotai - Annette King is very safe here with a majority of around 8,000 votes.  Think of the old Island Bay seat which was safe Labour merged with Miramar which was typically marginal.  Russel Norman did well to get nearly 6,000 votes here.  ACT's Joel Latimir gained 141 votes.  Still Labour only barely scrapes above National in the party vote, with a gap of just over 160 votes.  The Greens have a huge 7,300 votes and NZ First fourth.  Should be safe Labour, and loyalty to Annette is what keeps it that way for the electorate vote.

Rotorua - Todd McClay has a majority of nearly 6900 over Steve Chadwick, with NZ First candidate Fletcher Tabuteau a strong third.  784 informal electorate votes. Party vote was almost 50% for National, but with Labour well behind and New Zealand First in third with 3123 ahead of the Greens fourth on 2391.  This ought to be a more marginal seat, but Labour needs to stop recycling Steve Chadwick to have a chance here.

Selwyn - Amy Adams has a massive majority of nearly 18000 here take 2 out of 3 votes.  Labour's Jo McLean couldn't even get 1 vote for every 5 of Adams, but the Green candidate Eugenie Sage was on her toes 1700 votes behind.  Party vote solidly National too, almost as good as electorate vote.  Labour gaining 1 for ever 4 cast for National.  Greens a strong 3690 and New Zealand First in third.   National heartland, once Ruth Richardson country.

Tamaki - Simon O'Connor has wrapped this up with a majority of over 16000 again taking 2 out of 3 votes. Independent Stephen Berry gained 139 votes. National's party vote was almost as much, 4x that of Labour, with the Greens getting half that of Labour and New Zealand First half that of the Greens.  Rob Muldoon's former seat with different boundaries, he'd be happy with that result.  Safe National territory.

Taranaki-King Country - National's Shane Ardern with a 14000 vote majority commanding this seat.  Labour's Rick Barker without a show in hell of getting this.  Party vote about as commanding.  National has 4x the Labour vote.  The Greens half that of Labour, but New Zealand First only a couple of hundred behind Greens.  Once an ACT stronghold but now pathetically getting 427 votes.  Solid National country, which was once Jim Bolger's seat in another form.

Taupo - National's Louise Upston carries a 13,000 majority here over Labour, Greens a distant third a few votes behind NZ First ex. MP Edwin Perry.  Roseanne Jollands of ACT gained 168 votes. Well over half of the party vote to National, but NZ First is third here with 350 votes ahead of the Greens.  Conservative Party gets over 1000 here too.  Solidly National.

Tauranga - No real threat to National's Simon Bridges with a majority of around 15,800, but that's a majority over New Zealand First's Brendan Horan who is inheriting Winston voters (some of whom may see NZ First and assume its Winston) and his former viewing enthusiasts. He's more than 100 ahead of Labour's Deborah Mahuta-Coyle.  Greens in fourth with half the Labour vote, and ex. United Future MP Larry Baldcock with 1405.  More than half the party vote to National, but this is Winston country.  NZ First came second with less than 1 vote for every 3 of National.  Labour is a couple of hundred behind.  Greens in fourth with 2000 less than Labour and the Conservatives half that of the Greens.  It ought to be National's but Winston Peters casts a long shadow and still a big influence.

Te Atatu - Labour's Phil Twyford romped in here with a majority of over 4600 against National's Tau Henare.  Others were hardly in the race.  Yet again National won the party vote with over 1000 more than Labour.  New Zealand First third here with 11 votes more than the Greens.  Phil Twyford gets 4000 more votes than his party here, but you'd expect this to be a Labour seat.

Tukituki - Craig Foss is 9000 ahead of Labour here, with a minor showing for Green and Conservative candidates.  Romana Manning of ALCP did well to beat ACT's Robert Burnside with 312 votes over 235.  National gets slightly over half the party vote and Labour with less than half that of National's.  Greens a fairly strong third with around 3000 votes followed by NZ First.  Again safe National country here even though it includes Hastings.

Waikato - National's Lindsay Tisch is in command with nearly 13000 votes ahead of Labour's promising Kate Sutton.  ACT's Robin Boom gained 289 votes.  National had well over half of the party vote, more than 4x that of Labour, but with NZ First only 2000 votes behind.   Greens fourth and Conservatives fifth.   Solid National territory.

Waimakariri - National's Kate Wilkinson barely slips past Labour's Clayton Cosgrove in a seat where the Green candidate had over 1000 votes in third.  National again got more than half of the party vote here, more than twice that of Labour with Greens in third.  This ought to be Labour country, but this is lost and Labour unlikely to get a candidate again like Cosgrove to pick up this missed seat.

Wairarapa - Nearly 6700 majority for National's John Hayes ahead of Labour's Michael Bott with respectable showings for Green and Conservative candidates.  Best Libertarianz candidate result with leader Dr. Richard McGrath getting 621 votes.  Over half of the party vote went National, more than double that of Labour with Greens third followed closely by NZ First.  Should be marginal when things are tighter.

Waitakere - National's Paula Bennett just barely held this with 349 on the night, over Labour's Carmel Sepuloni - so it will be one for the specials.  Yet here is where strategic voting fails, with the Green candidate having 1582 votes.  Sue Bradford came second last with only 266 votes only beating Libertarianz candidate Peter Osborne on 48. National led on the party vote but only 1300 ahead of Labour. Greens 2796 and NZ First fourth on 1811.  Labour should have had this in the bag, but no.

Waitaki - Jacqui Dean has two thirds of the electorate vote ahead of Labour's Barry Monks. Colin Nicholls of ACT got 182 votes.   National commands on the party vote with a clear majority and over 2.5 x of the vote. Greens with 4000 or so. Should be solid National country.

Wellington Central - Labour's Grant Robertson has this seat comfortably with a majority of over 5000 over National's Paul Foster-Bell.  Green James Shaw had 3821 a drop since Sue Kedgley retired.  Libertarianz candidate Reagan Cutting gained 53 votes.  Yet National was well ahead on party vote, 50% more than Labour, but the Greens are 12 votes behind Labour.  Will the Greens beat Labour here after specials?  NZ First a distant fourth, but remember when ACT held this seat?  This should be a National seat in the current environment, but National needs a better candidate here.  

West Coast-Tasman - Labour's Damien O'Connor provides a rare win for Labour with a credible majority of over 2200.  Steven Wilkinson of ALCP got 395 votes.  Yet this is also party vote National territory with nearly 6000 votes more than Labour. Greens a credible 4000 or so.  This ought to be heartland Labour, it's a sign of how out of touch with provincial NZ Labour is.

Whanganui - Chester Borrows has a reasonable majority of around 4800 over Labour, which seems a distant second.  Alan Davidson of ACT gained 141 votes.  National leads with party vote, 6000 ahead of Labour. NZ First is third here with 2879 a couple of hundred ahead of the Greens.  This ought to be one of the closer races, but needs a fair effort for Labour to make inroads.

Whangarei - Phil Heatley has an over 11600 majority here in John Banks's old seat (in a way), Greens a distant third.  Libertarianz candidate Helen Hughes gained 93 votes.  Just over half the party vote went to National, with nearly 10,000 votes ahead of Labour, which itself has nearly double the vote of the Greens. NZ First being just behind the Greens.   Should be a National stronghold.

Wigram - Labour's Megan Wood takes Jim Anderton's old seat with a modest 1500 vote majority over National's Sam Collins.  Alliance's Kevin Campbell has the best result for the bottom ranked party coming fourth, probably because Jim Anderton has some lost followers.  Geoff McTague of ALCP gained 269 votes.  Yet National led here in party vote too, 4000 votes ahead of Labour, with Greens a distant third.  Ought to be fairly safe Labour, still some work to be done for that.

Hauraki- Waikato - Princess Mahuta safe as can be here with over 5300 votes, but it was Mana's Angeline Greensill who she beat, with Labour's candidate 800 behind her.  Yet while Labour won the party vote here, the parties that are 2nd to 6th are within a range of 600 votes in the following order.  Maori, Mana, NZ First, Green and National.  Obviously Labour's safe territory, but the Greens have broken in on party vote here, something they never managed to do.

Ikaroa-Rawhiti - Parekura Horomia  is safe here with a majority of over 5900 over the Maori Party candidate.  Again Labour commands the party vote, with 5500 over the Maori Party, Mana 3rd with 900 less than the Maori Party and the Greens almost as much as Mana.  Again safe Labour territory.

Tamaki-Makaurau - Pita Sharples just scraped in here with a majority of over 700 over Shane Jones.  Labour led the party vote, with the Maori Party with half that of Labour, yet Mana is only 170 or so votes behind.  NZ First in fourth.   Maori Party loyalty based on Sharples, but this is still Labour's seat in the long run.

Te Tai Hauauru - Tariana Turia  is safe here with a majority of 2760 over Labour's Soraya Peke Mason.  Labour well ahead on party vote, with Maori Party on half the vote of Labour and the Greens curiously third.  Again this vote is about Tariana, but the Greens will be very pleased to have come third here.

Te Tai Tokerau - Hone Harawira slipped in with a majority of 874 over Labour's Kelvin Davis.  However while Labour led the party vote, Mana came a strong second only 1700 votes behind with Maori Party a distant third.  Hone's territory for now, but not insurmountable.

Te Tai Tonga - Labour's Rino Tirikatene beaten Maori Party's Rahui Katene with a comfortable 1445 votes.  Labour led in party vote, but the Greens came second with half of the Labour vote, and National in third.  Maori Party and Mana both behind National.  Not like the other Maori seats at all, are Maori and Mana too North Island?

Waiariki - Maori Party's Te Ururoa Flavell comfortably beat Annette Sykes by 1820, with Labour a distant third with Louis Te Kani.  Labour led the party vote, but Maori second with 2200 less, closely followed by Mana.  Definitely not a Labour stronghold anymore.


Redbaiter said...

Come off it.

It was a pathetic showing.

When are your leaders going to accept accountability for continued crushing failure and submit their resignations?

Compare them to Ron Paul in the US.

The party is not really the Libertarian Party, it is the Objectivist Party, and until you get these preaching condescending doctrinal nut jobs out of the party you'll never attract the mainstream votes you need.

Swimming said...

Peter Dunne's majority actually increased. By more than 50%

William Mckee said...

Some of these could change once the special votes are counted.

Andrew B said...

Social Credit nutter Gary Knapp was a seemingly successful RE agent when I was last there. Seems he's built his career on loose money somehow...

Libertyscott said...

Redbaiter - You'll find our Kaikoura candidate is a Christian. However, you're fundamentally right, a new strategy is needed.

Big News - Fair point, I'll correct that.

Will - Yes I suspect a couple will

Andrew B - Ha! Yes. Bob Jones did love to focus on how he was found unfit to run a raffle.