26 November 2011

New Zealand election live blogging 0900GMT

A pattern has emerged in New Zealand elections.

If voters perceive a foregone conclusion for the major parties, voters for the second placed party desert it for others.  The Greens and NZ First have taken the soft headed voters on the left and the bigoted working class voters on the right.  Both will get hit when Labour improves next time.

Yet Labour hasn't experienced the rout that National did in 2002, not by a mile.  This result is akin to 1996, but it wont be enough to save Phil Goff

Largest silent winner is the Conservative Party, a credible 2.8% of the vote but no seats

ACT faces immediate infighting, John Banks wont be made leader although he'll expect to be.  That will kill the party

United Future is slowly dying, but Peter Dunne is hanging on.

Mana Party might just be Hone, it would be a travesty if Annette Sykes has a platform for her vileness.

However, the biggest joke has to be how MMP has delivered 13 Green MPs and 9 NZ First MPs.

National may lose West-Coast Tasman to Labour, but pick up two Christchurch seats.

Yet a small note of victory for Libertarianz, an increase in party votes.

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