Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Iran bans Western Music

Yes, the nuclear weapon seeking, child soldier using, terrorist backing, Holocaust denying Islamic Republic of Iran is now banning western music according to the BBC.
Kenny G may no longer be background music on Iranian television - (lucky them).
None of this is on the official Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting news site, just lots of bland news about co-operation with other countries - much like most authoritarian regimes have for official news.
Note also PC's report on how limp wristed the West is about Iran - the big question is what to do with it? Should its nuclear facilities lie there untouched until it gets nukes and is as untouchable as North Korea? I guess the Greens would say yes... but for how long can you let snoozing bullies lie? It will be too late when Iran is found to have sold a nuclear warhead to terrorists who let it off in Tel Aviv, Los Angeles, Sydney or London. More on this later...


Anonymous said...

How does this square with the libertarian non-initiation of force principle? Do you advocate attacking others because they *might* develop nuclear weapons which they *might* use on others? Do they not have the right to defend themselves in whatever manner they deem fit as long as they don't affect you? How would such an act be any different from any invasion in history? The aggressor can always claim it is just pre-emptive self defense.
For someone who purports to uphold non-initiation of aggression and property rights you seem awfully keen to (get the state to) violate someone else's when it happens to suit you.

Libertyscott said...

It is a matter of self defence James given Iran's record. Iran has a President who calls for the destruction of Israel - if I was the Israeli government and a country that has avowedly called for my obliteration, which produces racist propaganda against my people and which denies the genocide committed against it AND flouts a treaty it signed prohibiting it from developing nuclear weapons, I would wonder how long I have to wait before it lobs a missile (it buys them from North Korea, which is one thing North Korea CAN do well) over and does what it says.

It is an age old dilemma - you can sit back and wait till you are attacked, but by then you could have lost hundreds of thousands of lives. Israel did this against Iraq's nuclear facilities in the early 80s.

If someone wants to kill you, lies about developing the means to do it instantly and continues to say he wants to kill you - and you have good reason to feel threatened (since he has funded and trained terrorists to do this for many years) - it is hardly initiation of force. What did Israel and the US do to Iran?