06 December 2006

The further back on the plane - the stupider you are?

Air Tahiti Nui has an interactive inflight game system, enabling you to play games with your fellow passengers. The guy who took this photo was in first class (seat 1A it says) winning "inflight trivia challenge" against someone in 19G who isn't far behind, and some thicko in 40D.
Clearly the guy in first class is smartest, following by the guy near the front of economy (possible frequent flyer, so aspiring to be nearer the front) and then the no hoper in the back. Of course the flipside is that if no hoper gets pissed off, he will storm his way to the front (and be annoyed that no only are you winning, but having good food and a nice seat).


Kane Bunce said...

Yep. Those sort hate those that actually work hard to earn their living and a very good one at that.

Kane Bunce said...

I know this is off topic have a good post on my blog refuting some idiotic and irrational comments based on my posts on my blog and my comments on PC's blog if you want to read it. You should do so as most of it is also refuting Objectivism and true libertarianism.

Anonymous said...

What a highly detailed and scientific approach you have there (not.)

It is quite likely that the person who is well travelled with a higher income and stimulating employment has better general knowledge and therefore is winning the trivia game, of course.

But as usual your posts have really nasty undercurrent of social darwinism to them. What comes through is your philosophy of 'I've got mine, screw everyone else.'

Maybe you would prefer people of lower intelligence or inferior to you in some way to be quietly removed from the gene pool. But then who would serve the drinks in First Class?

Libertyscott said...

It's called a joke, if you think I'm serious you've got the sad humour-free existence of a small minority of socialists.

As usual humour-free zone socialists think that libertarians don't give a damn about people who are poor - you have no idea how much time/money I actually spend on helping people worse off than I am. However, I don't need to be forced, unlike you and your other moaning cheerless statists who whinge about not paying enough tax, and don't donate the difference to charity.

Frankly you're quite a gutless anonymous cock if you think I'm so judgmental as to seriously loathe people who travel in economy class, since I've done it so often myself.

Anonymous said...

Sad excuse for humor.

Anonymous said...

The first class passenger is likely a frequent flier and those folks play the trivia game so often that they have most of the correct answers memorized by now.
The peasants in economy may have never playerd the trivia game before, so they appear to be dolts in comparison.