21 December 2006

Marian Hobbs's imminent retirement

David Farrar (who was campaign manager for Mark Blumsky's attempt to unseat Hobbs in 2005) reports on Wellygirl's report that Marian intends to retire from politics. This has been confirmed by Newstalk ZB so it then leaves Wellington Central wide open for Bernard Darnton :) doesn't it now?
I first heard of Marian when she stood for Labour in the Selwyn by-election after Bolger stabbed Ruth Richardson in the back, and Marian came third against as the Alliance's halfwit extraordinaire John Wright came second. She won a list seat in 1996 and I shuddered when she defeated Richard Prebble in Wellington Central in 1999, reflecting both a swing against the government and changed electoral boundaries losing parts of Ngaio and gaining parts of Brooklyn and Newtown.
As much as I despise most of her politics, I found her to be a good natured person and has a great sense of humour. While she was once a communist, she has also been pragmatic. She is prepared to listen and debate, and will actually read the entire content of a Cabinet paper. In short, after a rather difficult start (the 5th teletubby - Boo Boo nomenclature arrived quickly), she gained the respect of colleagues and bureaucrats for working hard and being willing to engage. In that sense, as a person, she will be missed.
I followed her on the electoral trail twice with the Libertarianz candidates in the past two elections and she was always respectful and considerate of other candidates and their rights to speak and debate. She was probably not best suited to the lies, nastiness and vapid nature of politics, but very well suited as an auntie and someone to sit and have a good natter with.
I never voted for Marian (I mean she is Labour, sheesh!), but she was, by and large a rare breed. A rather honest politician. She would rarely promise what couldn't be delivered and while she certainly is a socialist, she also knew some of the limits of her politics. Though I am sure I couldn't convince her that she committed many mistakes, most of them involve voting with the Labour Party since 1996 :)
In an age when so many politicians are either vindictive, treacherous or complete political whores - it is something worth noting. I hope she enjoys her retirement.
PS: It was Bernard's birthday on Monday, he is a ripe old 34, as one of the political heroes of 2006 he deserves that to be noted. Cheers Bernard!


Bernard Darnton said...

Thanks for your comments libertyscott.

It's been a very interesting 2006 - big thanks to everyone else who was involved in our attempt to make the government more accountable.

I'd agree with you about Marian Hobbs - she struck me as a nice person. She might not say the same thing about me given that I just sued her :-)

Anonymous said...

That's the problem.

Many on the 'other side' are nice, well meaning people.

Doesn't make thier left wing ideas any less dangerous though.