Tuesday, October 03, 2006

North Korea to undertake nuclear test

Alarming? yes. Surprising? No. What can be done about it? Nothing much – just simply impose strict sanctions upon trading with the regime and maintain the current deterrence by the US and South Korea. If you want an example of a modern day government that entirely enslaves its population, has no regard for whether its citizens live or die, and which strips the entire dignity of the individual to be sacrificed for the state – it is North Korea.
It is a hideous repulsive regime – one which should humiliated daily for being so utterly grotesque. If you think a nuclear test is bad, try the thousands in gulags – the men, women and children who work from dawn to midnight as slaves for this nightmare state. Try the public executions, the state promoted glorification of brutal violence against enemies of the state, the constant surveillance of work, street and home – the complete suppression of dissent.
Military attack against North Korea would result in the deaths of millions in South Korea and Japan – this price is too high to pay to try to confront a regime that, albeit noisy, is unlikely to take military action itself. Kim Jong Il knows the US is formidable, and he also is not a religious nutter - he has no wish to undertake jihad - just a wish to deter attack. The bigger risk is him selling a bomb to those who DO wish to undertake jihad - but I'd be watching Pakistan before North Korea on that score!
By the way, you might want to remember the $1 million or so of your money spent by current and past government to persuade North Korea to not develop nuclear weapons.
Oh and don't blame Bush - this started in 1994 when Clinton was President. Anyone who defends this murderous regime should wonder why they don't defend Hitler in 1938, and blame the rest of Europe for provoking him!

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