04 October 2006

Pregnant women smoking to reduce baby size

If the report in the Daily Telegraph is true, then it is repulsive. Some teenage mothers smoke to have a smaller baby to make labour pains easier. In other works, who cares if the child is damaged.
Smoking, taking drugs or drinking alcohol when you know you are pregnant is child abuse if the pregnancy goes full term. Simple as that. Pregnant women who do this should lose custody of the child, as if they were giving it to the child after birth.
If you don't want to be pregnant then you have three options:
- Don't have sex;
- If you do have sex, make sure you and/or your bonk use contraception - if that fails or you forgot to "take it" use the morning after pill;
- Have an early term abortion;
- Have a hysterectomy (probably the best idea for many).
Of course none of this is very politically correct, because pregnant women who abuse their unborn children are seen as "victims" who aren't "understood". Well, it is rather simple - you have chosen to bring a child into the world - if you recklessly act in ways that damage that child it is abusive - it is violence of the same order as bashing its brain, except you are doing it chemically.
On top of that if you are that careless or stupid, you are hardly going to be much of a mother are you?

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