03 October 2006

US gambling ban a huge blow against freedom

Every so often the US Federal Government shows how little it understands the spirit of the Constitution. In banning online gambling, it shows crass disregard for the pursuit of happiness - all those who voted for the ban, in both houses of Congress should be ashamed.
Now the Congress, and in all likelihood George. W. Bush can join Saudi Arabia, North Korea, Zimbabwe and other killjoys in stopping consenting adult Americans from spending their money the way they see fit. President Ahmadinejad of Iran will be thrilled.
The effect has been to decimate the share prices of online gaming companies, but then why should Demoplicans or Republicrats give a damn about capitalism, or entrepreneurialism, unless the respective entrepreneurs pass a gold doubloon into their palms?
Bastards - how dare they stop Americans doing as they wish.

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