14 October 2006

Redpeace - blaming the USA because anti-capitalism matters

There was once a time when Greenpeace could have been thought of as an organisation genuinely interested in highlighting environmental issues that have been part of the tragedy of the commons. A lot of good people with good intentions - albeit not the intentions and means that I agree with.
However now, it just shows itself as a mouthpiece for the loony left.
Greenpeace is now Redpeace - its press release on North Korea says it all:
""Greenpeace says outrage by the United States over North Korea's underground testing of a nuclear weapon is hypocritical given that country's nuclear arsenal."Nobody wants yet another country to have nuclear weapons, but with over 5,000 nuclear weapons in the arsenal of the United States of America, the relative balance of power has to be kept in mind," says Cindy Baxter, Greenpeace Campaign manager"
Relative balance of power? Yes Cindy, we need to accept a murderous warmongering dictatorship has the right to maintain a "balance of power" against its peaceful free neighbours.
Ms Baxter obviously thinks that a brutal dictatorship, with one of the largest standing armies in the world, that spends more than any other country on arms as a proportion of GDP, that runs a state of almost total slavery, that launches missile tests over its neighbours, that sells arms to whoever is willing to pay, that sponsors terrorism, that abducts innocent civilians abroad to meet the tastes of the Dear Leader – when the US has nuclear weapons saying “the relative balance of power has to be kept in mind”. I guess if nuclear weapons had existed ten years before they did, Nazi Germany or the USSR undertaking a test would be granted a similar response.
A world which resembled the political and economic system of the United State would be infinitely preferable to one resembling North Korea – North Korea is hell on earth. The USA may not be heaven, but it is free, prosperous and, by and large, the government does not operate an all pervasive state that directs, interferes with and punishes details of everyday life, and it does not control absolutely the flow of information or publication of information.
Perhaps Redpeace members could go to North Korea, ask to visit industrial sites, ask to test rivers and lakes for pollution, local air quality, visit prisons, visit psychiatric hospitals, ask about how people engage in protest marches on government policies, and learn for themselves why North Korea having nuclear weapons is potentially frightening, whilst no one has much to fear from the USA owning them. If Redpeace can’t see that moral equivalency between the US and North Korea is like equating Nazi Germany to the Allies, then it cares little about peace either between states or within states, and more about pandering to a tired old leftist anti-American diatribe. It will prove, once more, than Redpeace is no longer an apolitical organisation interested in raising awareness of environmental issues – but an apologist for any murderous regime that is against the USA, capitalism and Western liberal democracy.
So what about this Cindy Baxter, Greenpeace NZ campaign manager? I have two theories, given it is Friday the 13th and it is about time I rubbed people the wrong way. On the one hand she may be into her 30s or older, quite unattractive and craves the attention and socialisation that Redpeace gives her. She can "network" with like minded haters of success, technology and western civilisation - and feel better about herself by denigrating the USA - a country which is one of the pinnacles of human achievement, with an enormous number of bright, attractive, successful, creative people - while celebrating countries with oppressed, sad, "order-followers" made to be collective in thinking and terrified of doing anything that isn't politically correct (for good reason). She enjoys slagging off George Bush (so clever that) and saying how stupid so many Americans are, how they are selfish and different from everyone else - having known so few herself. She feeds on anti-American propaganda, secretly cheered on the 9/11 attacks (hey it was capitalists being attacked) and consumes Noam Chomsky and Michael Moore as her favourite Americans. The ones that hate freedom and capitalism, except when they themselves benefit from it. Her lack of astuteness in applied disciplines that would mean she could get a real job, and lack of physical attractiveness has meant that she has sought out attention with other losers who like to bring down the best and brightest, and increase the standing of those that crawl - kind of like what Christianity does. The armageddon view of the world inflames passions among these misfits and means they may end up shagging, but it doesn't bear thinking about too much - they enjoy sneering at those in expensive suits, hotels, business class and nice cars (cars bad remember - chant it fifty times) just as much.
On the other hand she may be very young, stupid and attractive - naively enjoying being a campaign manager, saving the "wurld" and feeling better about herself by being serious and so caring and thoughtful, and not liking that big bad man George Bush who she knows is bad, because all her friends say so, so do the books she reads and they can't be wrong can they? After all, join a leftwing movement and you have a whole philosophy to follow that involves hating America.
However I doubt it, the press releases are far too articulate. "Greenpeace condemned the test, saying that Pyongyang has underscored the dangerous connection between nuclear research, nuclear power and nuclear weapons." See, it is wrong - because dozens of countries have nuclear power and no nuclear weapons - but it is articulate. This suggests she is older and a more hardened anti-American ecologist. Stupid bitch. I suggest she goes to North Korea to protest about the nuclear test - seriously!


KG said...

"Stupid bitch. I suggest she goes to North Korea to protest about the nuclear test - seriously!"
That would require courage and principles--which means it's never going to happen.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the situation in N. Korea is frightening, but how do you think the rest of the world views America? Why do you think so many countried hate America?

Libertyscott said...

Well many in the world like America and what comes out of it (otherwise they wouldn't consume the cultural icons and products that originate there) and many despise it, because of its success.

There are several elements in anti-Americanism. Jealousy (they don't like that the USA is rich, because it is a big relatively free country which attracts productive people who keep most of what they produce), bigotry (they don't like that freedom allows people of different religions, races, lifestyles to co-exist and express their points of view), misinformation (many have governments that share these views and have a socialist or other alternative view of what government should do, and spread this misinformation) and genuine dislike for US foreign policy over particular issues, like the Middle East.

Having said that, if you look in the backyard of many anti-Americans you'll see stagnant economies, torture, suppression of freedom of speech and the like. The USA is big, powerful, wealthy and happy - it often acts as if most other countries aren't that important - that arrogance and the jealousy and misinformation of others provides the cocktail.

Note that most anti-Americans spend little time there.