14 October 2006

Fisking the NZ apologists for the North Korean slave state

True to form, Trevor Loudon has done an excellent job of outing the band of NZers who stick their philosophical tongues up the arse of a regime that keeps millions in slavery while its leaders live in luxury - North Korea was Nicolae Ceausescu's role model - he visited it and went back to transform Romania into a similar system - the difference is that North Korea has a far tighter grip on information.
Trevor has written about 3 apologists for the regime that is closest to Orwell's nightmare. Go here to read about Don Borrie, a man who I once heard talking wistfully about the wonderful church in Pyongyang (he is a preacher himself), the great hospital, but how sad it was that they haven't "let him" visit a mental hospital - he's so stupid and evil at once to not explain why. Also Stuart Vogel and Tim Beal. I can understand wanting to reach out to individual North Koreans to explain the rest of the world, provide some way of getting them to understand that the world isn't the way they are told it is - but to defend the indefensible is disgusting. Pacific Empire also has more about the nature of this regime here.
For example, Borrie says here "We can stand alongside those countries supportive of the Korean right to self-determination." Apparently self determination means a totalitarian slave state. Beal says "there is so much more to be said about this inspiring, depressing, fascinating and bewildering society". If he didn't say inspiring, I'd have left him off the list - what is inspiring about a society of Orwellian control?

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