15 October 2006

Daily Telegraph - Saturday highlights

Nanny State to put health warnings on wine bottles. Because, you see, binge drinking lads and ladettes often have a glance at the label before downing the next bottle of Pinot Gris. The European Commission is in favour, adding to its reputation as one of the great statist forces in the world today. So incredibly absurd, the imagination of bureaucrats so totally removed from the culture of everyday Brits, from any understanding of why people drink to excess – thinking adding bureaucratic requirements to wine makers (and a cost to wine drinkers) will make a difference, and justifying it because “a little more regulation can’t hurt”. They think that people who drink a lot don't know it is bad for them, or don't know they can get drunk.
£10,000 and 12 months to investigate who said "baa". Havering Council has spent £10,000 on a 12 month investigation, including a 300 page report on identifying the man who kept saying “baa” during a planning meeting. Clearly someone was having a joke, but the joke is on the taxpayers of the council district, because a councillor complained to the Standards Board, who ordered an investigation be carried out by the council. Local government is a haven for petty fascists – and everywhere should be put on a leash to stop such nonsense. The list of suspects is now down to four – so the council hasn’t yet figured it out. Such competence, compulsorily funded.
Ryan Stupples: victim of Health Nazi Headmaster. A 10yo boy was banned from his school dining hall because his packed lunch “broke the government’s healthy eating guidelines” . His lunch consisted of a sandwich, fruit, fromage frais, cake, mini cheese biscuits and a bottle of water. Naturally, he would get heart disease and become the Michelin man on that diet! So what was wrong? The cake AND the mini cheese biscuits broke. The little pig, how outrageous!! He was made to eat his lunch in the head teacher’s office! The headmaster of Lunsford Primary School, Larkfield in Kent - an authoritarian prick called Malcolm Goddard said “We take healthy eating very seriously and everyone is aware of our new policies”. Zeig Heil would be appropriate except that Germany wouldn’t put up with such nonsense today. What sort of mindless little order followers does Goddard want kids to be? How rebellious are they going to be when they start thinking on their own? And what sort of joyless little fucktard is Malcolm Goddard? Getting off ordering kids about when they have more than zee allowed quota of schnacks! Or perhaps it is better to humiliate the child, as if it is his fault! As if this has anything to do with being healthy. Ryan Stupples may well be fit as can be and active. Frankly, unless he is clinically obese or suffering clearly from dietary related diseases that are of serious concern, it is none of Malcolm Goddard’s fucking business!! If I was Stupples’ dad I would have wanted to punch Goddard in the face for interfering in my decisions about my son and for humiliating him, but would have found a better way to humiliate the evil prick. And you wonder how hard it is for authoritarian governments to find people willing to carry out orders? They are the likes of Goddard.
Bush signs legislation banning another form of fun. Little more be said of this. It has destroyed US$8.8 billion in property as share prices for online gambling companies plummeted, with one firm World Gaming, entering administration. It is an absolute disgrace, and should be reversed by the next Congress and President. It simply shows that Conservatism, as Not PC has been blogging extensively about recently – is a philosophy corrupt when it comes to regard of individual freedom, or indeed joy. The addictions and weaknesses of the few are the excuse for prohibiting the joy of the many, and destroying the property of business people. It will fail – Americans will still gamble and many will gamble online, through operators who illegally will find ways around this legislation – some of which will, because gamblers will have no legal protection against fraud with illegal contracts, rip them off.

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