04 October 2006

North Korea's announces nuclear test as New Zealanders donate farm assistance

North Korea's press statement on nuclear tests is out on its official news agency website. So is a press statement on the NZ-DPRK society donating "vehicles and books on agricultural science and technology". The NZ-DPRK society is the apologist society for the North Korean dictatorship - it ignores the enormity of human rights abuses, the totalitarian Orwellian state of North Korea. It would rather donate vehicles and books and engage in dialogue - I doubt if it condemned the gulags where children of political dissidents are kept and worked like slaves 7 days a week. It issued a statement earlier this year condemning the US-South Korean joint military exercises saying:
"These joint military maneuvers are aimed at breaking the will of the Korean people to advance towards a peaceful future, rejecting interference of foreign forces including the U.S., the bulletin noted. "
North Korea launched the Korean War in 1950 - the Kremlin archives prove it. What peaceful future is there when the state can arrest, detain, imprison, torture and kill you without a fair trial? What peaceful future is there when your relatives, including your children can also be imprisoned and tortured because you dared utter what might be construed as criticism of the "Democratic People's Republic"? However, the NZ-DPRK Society probably has the same view of North Korea's role in the Korean War as the Nazis have of Poland.
North Korea's nuclear statement contains some odd remarks such as:
"The DPRK was compelled to pull out of the NPT as the present U.S. administration scrapped the DPRK-U.S. Agreed Framework and seriously threatened the DPRK's sovereignty and right to existence. "
It threatened withdrawal in 1993, but suspended it while the world tried to bribe it with aid and assistance to develop a light water nuclear reactor. It started breaching the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty in 1992 by refusing permission for International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspectors to visit all the sites they wished, and has persistently lied about its intentions.
It also said:
"The U.S., however, abused the idea of denuclearization set out by the DPRK for isolating and stifling the ideology and system chosen by its people, while systematically disregarding all its magnanimity and sincerity"
The fact that Bush senior announced the withdrawal of the presence of nuclear weapons from South Korea in the early 90s is ignored.
It has now said:
"The DPRK officially announced that it manufactured up-to-date nuclear weapons after going through transparent legitimate processes to cope with the U.S. escalated threat of a nuclear war and sanctions and pressure"
The US is not going to attack North Korea and never was - because the cost is enormous. It is a shame that it is so - North Korea deserves to be overthrown. It tests missiles that overshoot Japan, it possesses nuclear weapons and it is a state of mass slavery.
By the way, North Korea issued a press release congratulating Helen Clark on her re-election and Winston Peters on his appointment as Foreign Affair's Minister last year - nice to see how friendly we all are. MFAT's website says "It is difficult to get accurate information on the human rights situation in North Korea". Indeed it is true, although the website doesn't say it is dire. How dire it is can be seen in this book called the Aquariums of Pyongyang - a chilling story from a man who survived a North Korean gulag. If MFAT doesn't think this says enough to at least mention that human rights in North Korea are virtually non-existent, then it is a group of cold heartless bureaucrats.
North Korea is a warmongering slave state that is inexplicably evil. The New Zealanders who are apologists for it deserve to be outed - and publicly explain why they turn their back to those murdered, tortured and imprisoned by this slave state.


Phil Howison said...

Unfortunately one of the chief apologists, Tim Beal, is an international marketing lecturer here at VUW. He maintains webpages about the DPRK and the "Korean Peace Committee." The list of members contains various prominent NZ peace activists (not Christiaan Briggs though!). Keith Locke appears to be a fan.

Check out Beal's bizarre "Pyongyang Report":

"The Security Council’s condemnation of the DRPK missiles tests was a blatant violation of the UN charter, which respects the right of all countries to self-defence. The DPRK, as a sovereign state, was quite within its rights to test missiles"

"Washington used the allegations about counterfeiting to justify its imposition of financial sanctions. Kim Jong il, it was said, was running off false $100 notes in order to destabilise the US economy. The official line has been that the sanctions were intended to force Pyongyang back to the Six Party Talks; it is more plausible to see them designed to keep the DPRK away, and the talks in limbo. Not merely has no evidence been forthcoming but the amounts involved - $2.8 million annually according to one American official – are tiny"

"The government is making every effort to recover the affected areas and to stabilize the life of the flood victims"

"Lee said though it was true that the minimum daily wage at the Kaesong complex is around $2, that was still far higher than the average wage of North Koreans elsewhere. “Even compared to the average wage in other socialist economies in Asia, the figure is not low at all,” he said. He added conditions such as a 48-hour working week, maternity leave for workers and criteria for industrial safety meet ILO standards"

Libertyscott said...

The guy deserves a big fisking - who would say the stats under Ceaucescu's Romania were valid? I find this sort of sycophancy or blind stupidity vile.

Anonymous said...

What an evil fuck.It's my fondest wish that such lickspittles get exactly what they deserve, but alas they never do.

And if you happen to read this Tim Beal:Fuck off and Die.