15 March 2006

200th post

Well I can't believe I've posted 200 thoughts or rants about various things since I started - thank you for the comments, the bloggers who link to me and the ever growing number of hits.
I started this blog to be an outlet for libertarian politics, objectivist philosophy and some considered thought about policies, current events and history. Sometimes I post vitriolic disgust at the nauseating behaviour of lowlifes, or bureaucratic busybodies, other times I take a more considered view, and then there are my rants on Transmission Gully - which is just another outrage of those addicted to Other People's Money (OPM = opium, no I wasn't the first).
I hope to evolve the blog more in coming months, learning from those who are deserving of awards such as Not PC and Kiwiblog, and using the blog to inspire thought, rather than be a venting forum. Passion without reason is uncivilised, and reason without passion is lifeless - so I will continue to express both - in between time to work and live! I've said precious little about life in the UK so far, largely because I've been concentrating on getting established, having moved once, and settling into work and life over here with my girlfriend. However, there WILL be more on this.
I am unapologetically a libertarian objectivist atheist, I strongly believe in the power and beauty of the rational passionate human individual, and in benevolence to other human beings who also exude and seek these values. I have been a socialist and Christian, I have voted Labour, National and ACT at various times, and came perilously close to joining both Labour and National at different points in my life. I have worked in government and the private sector, on issues ranging from transport to the internet to broadcasting to telecommunications to tourism.
I hope you will continue to enjoy reading those posts that interest you, and if you don't well fine, bugger off then and go here.

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Rick said...

Jolly good old sport