22 March 2006


PC has posted some thoughts recently about this, but I have one.....
Being libertarian I am naturally inclined to believe that up to a certain point - abortion on demand, but not publicly funded, should be allowed. That certain point is when the foetus can either be viable outside the womb or when a conscious faculty exists.
So... abortion on demand - it is ok to abort a foetus because it is female or male.
Comfortable with that? I'm not - but I'm not prepared to use the law to stop it. I think many doctors would refuse to do it, but it makes you think.

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Anonymous said...

I have to say it makes me absolutely sick to think that a woman would get rid of her child because the child is a male or female... just absolutely sick. Having gone through a lot with my pregnancies, I don't under any circumstance other than health of the mother condone abortion whatsoever.

However, I can't demand anyone else to fall under the same morals as I have..