27 March 2006

BBC public service parties

The BBC spent £238 a head on a party at the Criterion in Piccadilly according to the Daily Telegraph.
Given the TV licence fee is half that, this is utterly outrageous. I emailed the BBC last week with a question for the head of the BBC as to whether it should be subscription only - with people paying the subscription getting a digital box with a card to watch BBC channels, and if you don't want it - you only get commercial channels. Then a socialist programme director rang me up asking me to clarify my question and argued with me - HELLO I pay your wages you arrogant toad. I'm forced to. I get inane questions like "what about the documentaries people wouldn't pay for" - um yes exactly my point - you make programmes people don't want. Besides commercial TV often produces the same quality or better.
I like a lot the BBC does - I would pay for it - but I object being forced to pay.


Anonymous said...

I thought the UK abolished the TV licencing fee in 2001/2002?

Anonymous said...

They are now running an ad campaign stating 'We're Big Brother and we're watching you. If you don't pay your TV licensing fee, we'll cut your balls off'. Or something to that effect.

Very paranoia-inducing. 0_o