27 March 2006

Sue Bradford hates Chinese workers

Sue Bradford slams Air New Zealand for buying - horror of horrors - foreign uniforms for its cabin crew (made with New Zealand wool). See it is ok for jobs to be created, just not those foreign people who don't look like us - who are more grateful for the work and charge far less for it. She says they are made in China, then says that most of them are being made overseas.
Well Sue, get ready - so is the fuel, so are the planes, so are the seats on the planes, most of the entertainment on the planes - and half the passengers too. Presumably you'd prefer them all to be locally made.
Outrageous - Air NZ should buy NZ made planes, using NZ made fuel, seats and only show NZ movies and TV shows and only carry NZ passengers - it can then aspire to be just like Air Koryo.
More seriously - if locally sourced uniforms were bought, it would cost more - less money for dividends (which go mostly to the government) and fares may increase - but then again, socialists have never cared much for running businesses efficiently.


Anonymous said...

The KFA eh? Korean Friendship Association in Switzerland. Interesting...

With friends ike those, who needs enemies.

Libertyscott said...

Oh it's not half as bad as the Stalin Society in London - I'm half tempted to go along for a laugh

Nichlemn said...

And shock among shocks, the inefficiencies will cost energy! Very un-Green thing to do.